[5-Min Look] Midjourney Gallery - AI Art Community Features & Tips

Midjourney recently launched its Gallery feature, Midjourney Community Showcase (free version), and Midjourney Community Feed (paid version), allowing users to easily browse, like, and collect the AI generations of others in an Instagram-style feed.

Want to draw inspiration from a myriad of unique, user-generated art pieces? Read on to learn all about Midjourney Gallery and how to make the most of this exciting new way to discover AI art.

Overview of Midjourney and AI Art Generation

Midjourney utilizes a type of AI called generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create images. After a user inputs a text prompt, Midjourney generates dozens of image options that attempt to match the description.

With simple prompts like "an oil painting of a fox in a field of flowers," Midjourney can produce beautiful artwork that mimics human creativity. More complex prompts allow for intricate scenes and smart compositions.

Midjourney generations have proven surprisingly advanced, showcasing the rapid improvements in AI image generation. While a human artist still plays a key role in refining and curating AI art, tools like Midjourney enable new creative workflows and possibilities.

Introducing Midjourney Community (Gallery)

In July 2022, Midjourney launched its Gallery feature to provide an exciting new way for users to interact with AI art. The Gallery has an Instagram-like format, with a constantly updating feed of images that users can scroll through.

Posts in the Gallery include the prompt used to generate the image, along with likes, tags, and other metadata. Users can like posts they enjoy, search and filter for specific types of content, and collect favorites for their own collections.

Midjourney Gallery allows you to step beyond your own generations and discover the awesome AI art being created by Midjourney users worldwide.

The one exception is if you have Midjourney’s “stealth” (private) mode enabled, then those images will remain outside of the gallery.

Midjourney Gallery: Top 5 Sources of Inspiration

#1 Midjourney Community Showcase (Official Free Version)

Midjourney Community Showcase Interface

The Community Showcase represents the official gallery of Midjourney, showcasing the top-rated images crafted by its users. Every image on display began with a text prompt. By hovering over an image, its original text prompt and the model responsible for its creation are revealed.

The Prompt of This Image in the Midjourney Community

Understanding the Midjourney Seed for Text Prompts

Replicating an image with the same text prompt doesn't guarantee identical results. However, to achieve similar imagery, both the seed parameter and the text prompt from the gallery should be used. The seed parameter acts as the unique starting point for each image.

#2 Midjourney Community Feed (Official Premium Version)

Exclusively for paid subscribers, the Midjourney Community Feed unveils a gallery enriched with advanced filters and search functionalities, enabling users to pinpoint desired images with ease.

Unlike the free official gallery, the community feed provides the capability to copy an image's full-text prompt. Selecting an image here unravels comprehensive details, from its parent generation to the initial four-image grid the tool produced during the image's formation.

Additional image-specific text prompts like aspect ratio and model version are displayed, aiding users in refining text prompts for closely matched results. These text prompts are presented in sections divided by commas, allowing users to delve deeper into images associated with specific phrases.

Midjourney Community Feed Official Premium Version Interface

#3 Midjourney Reddit Gallery

Tailored for widespread appeal, the Midjourney Reddit Gallery operates differently by showcasing user-submitted images rather than sourcing from Midjourney’s servers. Those on the Reddit mobile app can conveniently select the grid view, enabling a simultaneous view of multiple images.

Midjourney Reddit Gallery Interface

#4 Deviant Art

Midjourney Inspired Deviant Art Interface

While Deviant Art isn’t an official Midjourney platform, it serves as a dynamic hub for over 60 million artists, many of whom frequently post Midjourney-inspired art.

A word of caution: Unlike other platforms, Deviant Art often features posts with inaccurate text prompts, a lesson learned through experience. It's a treasure trove for AI art admirers but may not be the go-to for those in search of precise text prompt inspirations.

#5 ArtStation

Midjourney Specific Artstation Interface

Known as a premier platform where artists commercialize digital creations, ArtStation provides a Midjourney-specific search with the Midjourney filter under software. Yet, like Deviant Art, text prompt and seed information isn't always precise. Some artists further refine the AI-generated images using diverse editing tools, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Next, I will mainly introduce the gallery of Midjourney Community Feed.

How to Access Midjourney Community Feed

To dive into the Midjourney Gallery, sign in to your Midjourney account, either on the web or through the mobile app. Navigate to "Explore" on the left sidebar, leading you straight to the Community Feed (Gallery) Page.

The Explore Button

Maximize Your Midjourney Community Feed Experience

Search, Explore, and Get Inspired

The gallery features an intuitive search function that enables users to delve deeper into specific topics and reveal rich creative sparks. Enter your desired topic and a curated collection of relevant images awaits your exploration.

The Explore Button On the Midjourney Community Feed

For images that resonate with you, click the search icon to uncover more images in a similar vein

The Search IconThe Search Result

Each image, when clicked on, reveals the exact prompt and parameters the user used. This feature is a goldmine for anyone looking for fresh ideas for their own art. And if you really like it, you can favorite it by pressing the heart button to help rank up the image, too.

Find More Options via The Three Dots

The “Rank Pairs” Feature

The Rank Pairs Button

The Rank Pairs function presents users with two similar images and prompts them to select a favorite one. Beyond influencing image rankings, this choice may also shape Midjourney's monthly magazine content.

But there's more to Rank Pairs than meets the eye: earn free, speedy hours!

Midjourney rewards the top 1,000 users who've ranked the most images the previous day with 1 Fast Hour. Word has it, securing this takes around 50 pair rankings—just about 10 minutes of your time. Quite a deal, especially when considering a Fast Hour's standalone price tag of $4.

Engaging with Fellow Creatives

Discover a user whose style resonates with you? Stay updated with their creations by tapping the "+" icon on their profile, ensuring their latest works populate your feed.

Click to Follow People On Midjourney Community

Your Personalized Home Section

The Home section is your personal art repository. Every creation you've crafted will show here since you opened your account. 

If you have favorited any images, they will also appear here. Additionally, you can see which images are "hot" (trending) and which images have been ranked "top".

The Icons

Dive into your "Archive" to trace your artistic evolution and bask in your creativity.

The Archive Icon

Benefits of Midjourney Gallery

Midjourney Gallery brings an exciting new social and community component to AI art generation. Here are some of the top benefits it provides:

Discovery of New and Trending AI Art

The Gallery feed surfaces the latest popular AI art along with rising trends and styles. Browsing regularly is a great way to discover new prompt ideas and appreciate innovations from the Midjourney community.

Seeing what prompts produce the best output provides the inspiration you can apply to your own generations. You may even find a new favorite artist among fellow Midjourney users to follow.

Community Engagement

Midjourney Gallery facilitates community engagement around AI art. It transforms what was previously a solo experience into one of sharing creations, providing feedback, and appreciating each other's work.

As AI art grows in popularity, the Gallery provides a space for users to thoughtfully discuss trends, ethics, and the technology's artistic implications. Participating builds connections with those who share your creative interests.

Showcasing Your Work

For artists, Midjourney Gallery represents a new venue to exhibit work. Posting your best generations puts them in front of a relevant audience who can appreciate your creative process.

Gaining likes, comments, and followers on great posts provides validation and encouragement to keep creating. Artists can also build interest in their wider portfolio and artistic brand through their Gallery activity.


Do I possess copyrights for images I create on Midjourney?

No. Even with a paid subscription, which permits the use of Midjourney images for various purposes, you can't claim exclusive rights. According to the US Copyright Office, AI-generated artworks aren't eligible for copyright.

Can I use images from the Midjourney Gallery?

Yes. The paid subscribers can technically use any image from the gallery. But it's encouraged—and more commendable—to acknowledge the original creators. Although these images aren't copyrighted, giving credit fosters a considerate community spirit.

Is my Midjourney Gallery accessible to the public?

Your gallery is visible to anyone who knows your username unless you enable stealth mode. Be aware that your creations may appear in the search results of other Midjourney users. To ensure privacy on Midjourney.com, consider the Pro plan with stealth mode for $60/month.


Midjourney Gallery brings AI art into a fun social context, providing new ways to interact with content instead of just passively viewing generations. Exploring the Gallery exposes you to incredible AI creations you may never have thought to prompt yourself.

Engaging with the Midjourney community will likely boost your creativity as an AI artist. You may make connections and gain inspiration that takes your art to the next level.

So dive into Midjourney Gallery today through the web or mobile app. Look at popular posts, leave feedback, and share your generation. Midjourney keeps improving its AI capabilities - the Gallery offers exciting new ways to experience them alongside a creative community.