Explore 10 Stunning Midjourney Alternatives in Just 5 Minutes

Exploring alternatives to Midjourney can be daunting, especially when considering the plethora of features a good AI art generator should possess. This article aims to provide insights into different Midjourney alternatives, breaking down their strengths, weaknesses, and pricing. Let's dive in!

Quick Overview: Top 10 Alternatives to Midjourney

This table offers a quick overview of each alternative, highlighting their key features, limitations, and pricing options.


Brief Intro


Stable Diffusion

A robust AI art generator known for high-quality outputs and runs locally on consumer hardware.


Fotor AI

Versatile tool with art styles ranging from digital AI art to anime characters.

Free tier, Pro Plan: $2.66/month


High-quality text-to-image generator with extensive creative possibilities.

Free and Paid Tiers starting at $15


A user-friendly platform offering a community of AI art enthusiasts.

Free and Paid Plans starting at $5.99/month


Features extensive customization and style options for both novices and experts.

Free and Paid Plans starting at $11.99/month

Adobe Firefly

New contender with quick and free image generation, still in beta.

Requires generative credits

Bing Image Creator

Unique conversational approach, works within Bing Chat.



Comprehensive tool for multiple image manipulations, including photo restoration.

Free and Custom Pricing

Dream By Wombo

Specializes in abstract designs and NFT art creation.

Free and Premium Plan: $9.99/month


Simple, no-signup platform for quick AI image generation.

Free and Paid Plans starting at $6/month

1. Stable Diffusion

Website: https://stablediffusionweb.com/

Stable Diffusion Online Get Started Free

Stable Diffusion, developed by Stability AI, is a powerful AI art generator designed to produce high-quality images. Its training data contains billions of images, offering features similar to Midjourney. Moreover, it has the unique advantage of running locally on consumer-level hardware.

Additional Features

  • Text-to-image and image-to-image transformations.

  • No personal information for usage.

  • A library of prompts for creative inspiration.


  • Open-source: The platform is free to use.

  • Speed: It offers fast AI image generation.

  • Multiple Outputs: Capable of generating multiple images simultaneously.

  • Quality: Known for delivering high-quality images.

  • Customization: Provides flexible customization options post-generation.


  • Learning Curve: The interface may not be beginner-friendly.

  • Technical Requirements: Requires installation of a third-party app and a GPU with at least 8 GB VRAM.●



2. Fotor AI Image Generator

Website: https://www.fotor.com/features/ai-image-generator/

Midjourney Alternative Fotor AI Screenshot

Fotor, originally a well-known online photo editor, has expanded its feature set to include an AI image generator. This versatile tool offers various art styles ranging from digital AI art to 3D and anime characters.  


  • Intuitive Interface.

  • High-Quality Output.

  • Conversion Capabilities: Supports text-to-image and image-to-image conversions.

  • Multiple Styles: Provides various image generation styles.

  • Editing Tools: Includes built-in image editing options.


  • Fee-based Speed: Faster image generation requires a paid subscription.

Additional Features

  • Customizable aspect ratios and number of images generated.

  • Offers style categories such as photography, conceptual art, anime, and more.


  • Free Tier: Offers 5 credits to free users.

  • Pro Plan: Costs $2.66 per month for additional features and faster generation.

3. DALL-E 2

Website: https://openai.com/dall-e-2

Midjourney Alternative Dall E 2 Screenshot

Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E 2 is an AI text-to-image generator that has garnered significant attention since its launch. Known for its high-quality image outputs and innovative features, DALL-E 2 allows for extensive creative possibilities, including expanding image sizes and adding or altering objects within images.


  • Premium Quality: Consistently delivers high-quality images.

  • Variation: Offers multiple image variations based on input text.

  • Inpainting and Outpainting: Features to add or change objects and extend image boundaries.


  • Signup Time: Account creation may be time-consuming.

  • Limited Editing: Does not provide extensive post-generation editing options.

Additional Features

  • User ownership rights over generated images, including resale and merchandising.

  • Content safety measures to prevent generating inappropriate images.

  • Integration with Microsoft-backed platforms, including Bing.


  • Free Tier: Available for users who signed up before April 6, 2023.

  • Paid Tier: Minimum credit purchase of $15, where 1 credit equals one text prompt.

4. NightCafe: A Social Hub for AI Art Generation

Website: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

Midjourney Alternative Nightcafe Screenshot

NightCafe is a versatile AI art generator that has captivated millions of users globally. Renowned for its user-friendly design and extensive range of styles, the platform also facilitates a vibrant community of AI art enthusiasts. Its "style transfer", feature allows the user to extract the artistic style from one image and apply it to another.


  • Easy Access: No email or credit card needed for a start.

  • Versatility: Available as both a web-based service and a mobile app.

  • Community Features: Boasts a bustling community of AI art creators for inspiration and collaboration.


  • Lower Resolution: Free images come in lower resolutions; high-res are fee-based.

  • Time-Intensive: The generation of art pieces can be slow.

Additional Features

  • Daily Challenges: Engages users with fun daily tasks for art creation.

  • Multiple Models: Offers a selection of different AI models, including Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2.

  • Copyright: Users retain the copyright of their artwork.


Free Tier: 5 daily credits, plus 2 for participating in a daily challenge.

Paid plan:

Plan Name

Monthly Credits


AI Beginner



AI Hobbyist



AI Enthusiast



AI Artist



Credit Packs


Starting at $7.99 for 100 credits

5. StarryAI

Website: https://starryai.com/

Midjourney Alternative Starryai Screenshot

StarryAI is another alternative to Midjourney, allowing you to turn text-based prompts into stunning visual art. The platform offers an extensive selection of styles, models, and customization options, catering to both novices and experts.


  • Extensive Customization: Choose from multiple AI art styles and aspect ratios.

  • Full Ownership: You own the rights to your creations.

  • No Watermarks: Offers five free AI art pieces per day without watermarks.


  • Time-Consuming: Image generation may take a while.

Additional Features

  • Altair & Orion Modes: These are distinct modes that let you control the abstractness or detail of the image.

  • Evolve: Further refine your pictures with this feature.

  • Social Sharing Bonus: Earn extra credits by sharing on social media.


  • Free: Five daily credits and three additional credits every three days for social media sharing.

  • Starter: $11.99/month.

  • Unlimited Pro: $37.99/month.

  • Unlimited Pro Max: $79.99/month.

  • Credit Packs: Starting at $15.99 for 40 credits.

6. Adobe Firefly

Website: https://www.adobe.com/sensei/generative-ai/firefly.html

Midjourney Alternative Adobe Firefly Screenshot

Adobe Firefly is Adobe's newly released AI image generator. Currently in beta, the platform aims to compete with industry stalwarts like Midjourney. Firefly is now widely available for both general and commercial use through Adobe's Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud.


  • Quick and Free: Offers fast image generation at no cost.

  • Quality Outputs: Generates high-quality images.


  • Still in Beta: The full feature set has yet to be available.

  • Watermark: Exports have an Adobe Firefly (Beta) watermark.

Additional Features

  • Text Effects: Allows in-character and in-word effects.

  • Multiple Tools: Offers tools like image expansion, vector recoloring, inpainting, and sketch-to-image, although many are still in development.


You need to buy generative credits to use it. Here is the price:

Product or Subscription

Limit (Number of Users)

Creative Cloud All Apps


Creative Cloud Single App (includes various applications)


Adobe Stock paid subscriptions


Adobe Express Premium


Adobe Firefly Premium


Creative Cloud for Enterprise All Apps


Creative Cloud Pro Plus All Apps


Free users with an Adobe ID (Express, Firefly, CC)


7. Bing Image Creator

Website: https://www.bing.com/create

Midjourney Alternative Bing Screenshot

Microsoft's Bing Image Creator provides a novel approach to AI art generation, allowing users to create images directly within the Bing Chat interface. As a product that combines conversational AI with image generation, it offers a user experience unlike any other.


  • Completely Free: It doesn't charge for image generation.

  • Cross-Platform: Available on the web, Android, and iPhone.

  • Integrated with Bing Chat: Seamless use within Bing's AI Chat service.


  • Time Delay: Longer wait after 25 daily image generations.

  • Limitations: Only produces square (1:1) images.

  • Quality Issues: This may produce distorted images.



8. Hotpot.ai

Website: https://hotpot.ai/

Midjourney Alternative Hotpot AI Screenshot

Hotpot.ai is not just a text-to-image AI generator; it's a comprehensive tool for multiple image manipulations, including restoring and converting old photos into paintings. It can turn textual descriptions into illustrations or paintings, making it a handy tool for different artistic needs.


  • Simple to use interface.

  • Fast: Offers quick image generation.

  • Versatile: Includes various AI tools for different applications, like photo restoration.


  • Quality and Accuracy: Could be improved.

  • Speed for Free Users: It may be slower than the paid version.

  • Licensing: You need to purchase a license for using generated images.


  • Free tier: Available for most products for experimental use.

  • Credit-Based System: Costs vary by product and settings.

  • Custom Pricing: Specialized pricing for high-volume, team-based, or enterprise needs.

  • Philosophy: Affordable, even for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

  • Karma Tier: Discounts for students, non-profits, and others on tight budgets.

  • Collaborations: Free or discounted credits for educators and influencers.

9. Dream By Wombo

Website: https://www.w.ai/

Midjourney Alternative Dream by Wombo Screenshot

Dream By Wombo is a distinctive player in the AI art generation landscape, specializing in abstract designs and NFT art creation. Thanks to its mobile compatibility and community engagement features, the platform is designed for ease of use across all tech skill levels. It offers unique versatility by supporting both text-to-image and image-to-image transformations. Catering to the expanding NFT art market, Dream By Wombo allows users to create artwork with full ownership rights.


  • NFT-Art Focused: Allows for the creation and trading of NFT art, with full ownership guarantees.

  • Abstract Options: Provides a plethora of abstract artwork possibilities.

  • Community Engagement: Encourages users to share and interact through art.

  • Multi-Device Support: Compatible with mobile devices.


  • Content Flagging: Some harmless images may be wrongly labeled as NSFW.

  • Ad-Heavy: The free plan includes numerous advertisements.

Pricing and Ratings

  • Free Plan: Available with ads.

  • Premium Plan: $9.99/month.

  • Ratings: Not available on G2 or Capterra.

10. Craiyon

Website: https://www.craiyon.com/

Midjourney Alternative Craiyon Screenshot

Craiyon is an AI art generator that delivers simplicity and accessibility. Formerly known as DALL-E Mini, this platform provides a straightforward user experience for quick AI image generation. It eliminates the need for sign-ups and complex navigation.


  • No Signup Needed: Start generating images instantly.

  • Free: Unlimited image generation at no cost.

  • Versatile Prompts: Supports both positive and negative text prompts.


  • No Customization: Limited styles and options.

  • Ads: Contains advertisements.

  • Server Issues: May struggle with high traffic.

Additional Details

Craiyon stands out for its "Next Prompt" feature, which uses conversational AI to suggest new creative directions based on your previous prompts. It also provides a unique way to display your art on t-shirt mockups, adding a practical twist to your creative endeavors.



Monthly Pricing

Yearly Pricing










Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Midjourney Alternatives

When looking for alternatives to Midjourney, focus on multiple crucial features to make an informed choice. Here are some points to evaluate:

User-Friendliness: Opt for an alternative with an intuitive interface that both beginners and tech-savvy users can easily navigate.

Image Generation Speed and Quality: Choose a tool to produce high-quality images at a higher speed.

Input Flexibility: Look for a platform that accommodates various types of prompts, from simple language commands to complex parameters, to suit different user preferences.

Art Style and Theme Variety: A wide range of themes and styles can significantly improve user satisfaction by allowing creative customization.

Post-Generation Editing: The availability of editing features like upscaling, introducing variations, or object replacement can significantly enhance the tool's utility.

Commercial Usage Clarity: If you want to use the generated images commercially, ensure there is a clear guidelines.

Pricing: Consider platforms that offer free and paid plans, allowing you to test the tool or adjust usage based on your budget.

Final Words

Exploring Midjourney alternatives unlocks endless creativity in AI art generation. Whether you're after customization, speed, or NFT-focused platforms, we've got you covered. Make the right choice and revolutionize your experience with AI-generated art. Thanks for reading—hope you find this guide helpful!