2024 Kundli GPT Reviews:
How to Use, Insights, Pros & Cons

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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 07/09/2023 6 Min Read

Pose your astrology queries to the AI Astrologer. Delve into the realm of astrological insights with the AI Vedic Astrologer Chatbot -- Kundli GPT.

The core mission of Kundli GPT is to provide you with an in-depth, customized analysis of your Kundli. This enlightening analysis covers diverse aspects of your life, including your marital status, family relationships, health, professional career, and financial situation.

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What is Kundli in astrology?

Kundli in astrology

Kundli, also referred to as a "birth chart" or "horoscope," is a tool from Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is an old Indian system that uses a Kundli to track where different stars and planets were when a person was born.

In India, people often use Kundli when planning important life events, like marriages. They match horoscopes to make sure the couple is compatible.

A Kundli is a complex chart that helps astrologers understand different parts of a person's life. This includes their personality, their relationships, their job, their health, and more.

The chart is divided into twelve houses, each representing a unique aspect of life and housing zodiac signs and planets. By interpreting the positions and interconnections of these celestial bodies, astrologers can provide valuable insights.

Creating a Kundli requires accurate information on the date, time, and place of one's birth.

What is Kundli GPT?

Kundli GPT Homepage

Kundli GPT is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Vedic Astrology Chatbot. By merging traditional Vedic astrology wisdom, which has its roots in India, with cutting-edge AI techniques, it analyze the details of your Kundli.

How Does Kundli GPT Work?

Kundli in astrology 2

By inputting your birth details, such as date, time, and place, Kundli GPT creates your individual astrological chart. Following that, it evaluates this chart using its in-depth knowledge of astrology to create a custom report and respond to any questions based on your Kundli.

This method is rooted in astrology, which suggests that our lives are influenced by the positions of celestial bodies at the time of our birth.

The algorithm considers various factors in your birth chart, like the location of the sun, moon, and planets when you were born. It interprets these positions and their interactions to provide a thorough and personalized analysis of your astrological profile.

What Services Does Kundli GPT Offer?

  • Curious about your career and professional journey? Kundli GPT can shed light on potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, derived from the planetary positions in your Kundli.

  • Are questions about your marital and family life on your mind? Kundli GPT can provide predictions and tips to tackle any challenges or enhance good influences.

  • Concerned about your health? Kundli GPT can give you hints about possible health issues tied to your planetary positions and suggest ways to prevent them.

  • Struggling with negative influences or doshas in your Kundli? Kundli GPT can help identify these and provide solutions to lessen their impact.

  • Looking to improve your financial health? Whether it's about investing, handling debt, or understanding what financial opportunities are out there, Kundli GPT can provide tailored financial advice using your Kundli.

… And there's more - feel free to ask Kundli GPT about any other areas of your life you're interested in.

Guide to Using Kundli GPT: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Navigate to the official Kundli GPT website. Upon landing on the home page, select your preferred language from the options available.

Kundli GPT Interface

Step 2: To give the AI Astrologer your personal details, input your name, birth date, and the exact time of your birth.

Kundli GPT Enter your personal information

Step 3: Switch to Fullscreen view to pinpoint your place of birth on the map and then click "Save Details".

Select your birthplace on the map

Take my birthplace as an example, I was born in New Delhi. 

Locate in New Delhi

Step 4: Kundli GPT now takes your birth details - date, time, and location - to create your unique astrological chart.

Kundali GPT generates your astrological chart

Kundli GPT is now set to analyze your Kundli. It presents you with an array of predefined questions for guidance. However, feel free to type in any specific question you have in the typing box. To proceed, simply hit enter and receive your custom astrological reading.

Ask any question you want to Kundali GPT

Benefits of Using Kundali GPT

1. Relatively Accurate

Kundali GPT is a relatively accurate tool for astrological insights. It has been trained on a huge dataset of astrological information and further refined using an extensive amount of verified astrological data. This allows it to offer relatively accurate predictions and insights.

2. Personalization

A significant benefit of using Kundali GPT is the personalized service it provides. The reports it generates are customized to your unique needs and birth chart, delivering insights that directly relate to your life and experiences. This helps you better understand your own path in life.

3. Convenience

Kundali GPT is an easy and convenient tool to gain astrological insights. Unlike traditional methods, you don't need to schedule appointments or share personal information with anyone. You can access your personalized report anywhere, anytime, making it a simple and handy tool for those interested in their astrological profile.

4. Comprehensive Analysis

Kundali GPT reports cover various aspects of your life, such as personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, and career opportunities. This thorough analysis helps you gain valuable insights into different parts of your life, allowing you to make decisions based on the astrological guidance provided.

Drawbacks of Using Kundali GPT

Costs Involved

Kundali GPT isn't a free service. However, its charges are generally lesser than what traditional astrologers might ask for.

Not Foolproof

It's important to remember that Kundali GPT, while helpful, isn't 100% accurate. Astrology is a complex field, and many factors can affect the precision of readings. So, while Kundali GPT can give you valuable insights, it should be used as a guide for self-awareness rather than a definitive answer to all your questions.

Is there a concern about my information safety at Kundli GPT?

At Kundli GPT, they uphold a policy of not collecting or storing any personal details about their users. A high degree of respect for user privacy is maintained, and they firmly believe in preserving the confidentiality of all personal data. Under no circumstances will user information be sold, rented, or traded with any third party.

Cookies are employed on the Kundli GPT website to improve user interaction. A cookie is a small text file saved on a user's device by their web browser, allowing Kundli GPT to remember user preferences, thus offering a more individualized experience. 

Importantly, these cookies are stored only on the user's device, and Kundli GPT doesn't have access to them. Users always have the option to disable cookies in their web browser settings if they wish to opt out of this feature.

Additionally, Kundli GPT uses Analytics Tools that may gather non-personal information, such as the user's IP address, along with the date and time of their visit. This data helps in enhancing their website and provides valuable insights into how users engage with it.

Can I rely on the Accuracy of Kundali GPT?

It's crucial to understand that Kundali GPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, making its reliability in offering astrological interpretations a complex matter.

The correctness of its readings may rely on the quality of the AI algorithms applied and the exactness of the birth data given by the user. Despite Kundali GPT's attempt to deliver individualized insights, it should not replace professional astrologers or tarot readers.

AI-driven chatbots can serve as an introductory point for astrology enthusiasts, but human astrologers or tarot readers typically provide a superior degree of precision and understanding. For reliable and tailored readings, it's always advisable to seek advice from an expert in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions to Kundli GPT Chatbot

What is my sun sign?

Your sun sign portrays your fundamental personality attributes, which are determined by the sun's position when you were born. Kundali GPT is capable of revealing your sun sign based on the details of your birth.

What is my moon sign?

Your moon sign, otherwise known as the emotional sign, mirrors your emotional responses and unconscious desires. Kundali GPT can interpret your birth chart to ascertain your moon sign.

What is the importance of the positions of planets in my birth chart?

The locations of planets at the time of your birth significantly influence the events and traits of your life. Kundali GPT can provide insight into the implications of these planetary positions and how they might affect various areas of your life.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of my personality?

Gaining insight into your strengths and weaknesses is critical for personal development. Kundali GPT can examine your birth chart to unearth your core personality traits, aiding you in identifying areas needing enhancement and maximizing your strengths.

What is the future outlook for my professional life?

Kundali GPT is capable of providing you with a glimpse into potential career paths, potential hurdles, and avenues for growth, all based on astrological analyses.

Can I discover love and attain a thriving relationship?

Romantic connections hold a significant place in our life. Kundali GPT is equipped to give advice about your romantic prospects, compatibility with potential partners, and the potential success of your relationships.

What are the most auspicious dates for my key life events?

Be it getting married, commencing a business, or other important life events, Kundali GPT is capable of helping you pinpoint favorable dates according to your birth chart and astrological findings.

How might I better my financial conditions?

Kundali GPT can offer suggestions on how to spot potential financial opportunities and manage your finances more effectively.

How can I conquer life's obstacles?

Life is often filled with numerous hurdles. Kundali GPT can provide counsel on dealing with challenging circumstances, offering suggestions and insights to help you navigate adversity and make informed choices.


As an AI-powered chatbot, Kundali GPT offers users a personalized exploration of astrological insights, serving as an exciting tool to navigate various life aspects. 

However, AI tools like Kundali GPT aren't substitutes for professional astrologers or tarot readers. For a more accurate and customized reading, it's suggested to consult with a well-versed astrologer or tarot reader.

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