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Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

The rise in digital communication and the demand for personalized interactions has made chatbots a valuable asset for businesses and individuals alike. With the help of Large Language Models (LLMs), such as OpenAI's innovative GPT-3.5 language model, OpenChat brings a new dimension to chatbot technology, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

In this article, we will explore OpenChat in depth, understanding its functionalities, use cases, and the process of creating a custom chatbot using this platform.

What is OpenChat AI?

OpenChat Homepage
OpenChat Homepage

OpenChat is an open-source platform designed to simplify the process of developing and operating custom chatbots akin to ChatGPT, even for those without extensive coding knowledge.

It facilitates the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs), making it user-friendly and easily accessible to common users. OpenChat acts as a centralized platform for managing various custom chatbots, granting users the freedom to integrate and share their bots as they wish.

Regardless of whether you are a developer, researcher, or an individual with no coding background, OpenChat's intuitive interface empowers you to develop chatbots capable of performing an extensive array of tasks.

Currently, there are two ways you can use OpenChat:

  1. By running a local server that is completely free, secure, and provides you with greater control over the chatbot console.
  2. Alternatively, the online version of OpenChat offers a dynamic user interface for developing chatbot apps in a matter of minutes.

Features of OpenChat

  1. OpenChat serves as an influential platform for developing unlimited local chatbots based on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. It provides an open-source console that facilitates effortless management and the launch of tailored chatbots.
  2. OpenChat permits you to tailor your chatbots using resources like PDF files, websites, and upcoming integrations with systems such as Notion, Confluence, and Office 365.
  3. A distinctive aspect of OpenChat is its unlimited memory feature for each chatbot, allowing smooth interaction with large files, for instance, a 400-page PDF.
  4. You can incorporate chatbots on your website or company tools as widgets through OpenChat, which ensures easy accessibility and engagement with your audience.
  5. The pair programming mode lets you leverage your entire codebase as a data source for your chatbots, enabling more personalized and sophisticated interactions.

Use Cases of OpenChat

1. Customized customer support: With OpenChat, you can generate chatbots capable of delivering tailored customer service, addressing queries, and fixing problems instantly.

2. School work: OpenChat can be employed in academic environments to aid students in their coursework. The chatbots can offer advice on tasks, respond to queries, and suggest study techniques.

  • Tip: If you are looking for an AI homework helper, I recommend you try Homeworkify - A homework app that can help students find solutions related to different subjects easily.

  • 3. Company internal knowledge: OpenChat can help develop chatbots that grant employees easy access to internal corporate information such as policies, processes, and educational resources.

    4. Building private chatbots: OpenChat enables you to create private chatbots that you can share with customers, offering a distinctive and customized service.

    5. Personal library: OpenChat lets you establish a personal library of books, articles, and PDFs, assisting you in organizing and retrieving your resources with ease.

    6. Healthcare: In the healthcare sector, OpenChat can assist in handling minor issues like scheduling appointments or answering common queries, enabling healthcare professionals to concentrate on more challenging cases.

    And more...

    Use Cases Of OpenChat
    Use Cases Of OpenChat

    How to Create a Custom Chatbot using OpenChat

    Here's a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to create your own chatbot for your website.

    Step 1: Navigate to the official OpenChat website and click on "Try Now" to kick off the process.

    Click on Try Now to Sign up on OpenChat Homepage
    Click on Try Now to sign up

    Step 2: Log in OpenChat by opting for the "Continue with Google" option.

    Log in OpenChat with Google
    Login Option

    Step 3: Once registered, click on "Create" to begin the journey of building your first chatbot.

    Create Your Chatbot on OpenChat
    Create Your Chatbot

    Step 4: In the subsequent page, click on the "Let's do it" button.

    The Process of How to Set up Your First Chatbot on OpenChat
    The process of how to set up your first chatbot

    Step 5: Choose your preferred data source to train your fresh chatbot - this could be a website link, PDF, or codebase, among others. I choose the "Website" option as an example.

    OpenChat Select Your Data Source
    Select Your Data Source

    Step 6: Supply the website URL and click on "Next Step" to proceed.

    OpenChat Enter Website Information
    Enter Website Information

    Step 7: Patiently wait as OpenChat scans your website for pertinent content. During this time, you can make specific configurations on your chatbot. Click on "Next step" to advance to the next phase.

    OpenChat Click Next Step
    Click Next Step

    Step 8: After successfully completing all the steps, click on "Open your bot" to continue.

    OpenChat Open Your Bot
    Open Your Bot

    Step 9: Congrats! You've successfully created a new OpenChat bot for your website. You're now free to interact with your bot, share it, or incorporate it into your web applications.

    OpenChat Try And Share
    Try And Share


    • The free trial plan of OpenChat limits crawling to the first 10 pages only. To expand the crawling capacity to over 100 pages and unleash your bot's full potential, upgrade to a paid plan.
    • For the online version of OpenChat, the scan process is restricted to the initial 15 pages of your website. To scan additional pages or gain more control over the scan process, utilize the self-hosted version of OpenChat.

    How to install a self-hosted version of OpenChat

    You can install a self-hosted version of OpenChat by following a few steps mentioned in openchatai/OpenChat.

    Step 1: First clone the openchatai/OpenChat GitHub repository:

    git clone git@github.com:openchatai/OpenChat.git

    Step 2: Replace the following keys in common.env:





    • OpenAI API key: Just log in to your openai.com account. Once logged in, your API key can be located in your account settings.
    • Pinecone API key: Visit the "API Keys" section in the Pinecone dashboard. Here, you can create a new API key or view your current keys.
    • Pinecone environment & index name: After generating your index, your environment key can be found in the Pinecone dashboard. Similarly, your index name is also visible in the Pinecone dashboard post-index creation.

    Note: When employing Pinecone as your database, ensure that the dimension is configured to 1536.

    Step 3: Go to the repository folder and execute the following command:

    make install

    Warning: Windows users might encounter issues while installing OpenChat.

    Step 4: Upon finishing the installation procedure, you can access the OpenChat console by heading to http://localhost:8000 on your web browser.

    Alternative AI Tools for OpenChat

    UseChat Wonderchat ChatWizard GPT-trainer LetsAsk.AI M1-Chat

    Hobby: $19/Month

    Starter: $47/Month

    Plus: $97/Month

    Scale: $437/Month

    Lite: $49/month

    Basic: $99/month

    Turbo: $249/month

    Professional: $499/month

    Starter Bot:$9/month

    Growth Bot:$19/month

    Business Bot:$29/month

    Basic: $10/month

    Starter: $49/month

    Standard: $99/month

    Business: $499/month




    Startup: $99/Month

    Company: $199/Month

    Enterprise: $499/Month

    #1 UseChat

    UseChat Homepage
    UseChat Homepage

    UseChat, is a user-friendly instrument that allows you to integrate a ChatGPT chatbot into your website, app, or mobile platform. In a single click, UseChat processes your website (up to 10,000 pages) and arms a ChatGPT bot with the needed information.

    Key Features

    • ChatGPT-Driven: Launch a bespoke chatbot on your platform, exploiting the proficiency of ChatGPT, a top-tier AI model.
    • Visitor Engagement: Swiftly address user questions with a chatbot deeply versed in your site content and products.
    • Largescale Website Support: Built for pace and scalability, UseChat's content extraction engine can handle vast websites with multiple pages.
    • Real-Time Interaction Monitoring: View your visitor-chatbot interactions live and access all previous conversations.
    • Tailored Welcome Message: Customize your chatbot's welcoming message for a unique visitor experience. Advanced prompt personalization is an added feature.
    • Brand-Conscious Styling: Modify the chatbot icon, colors, and theme to resonate with your brand (coming soon).

    #2 Wonderchat

    Wonderchat Homepage
    Wonderchat Homepage

    Wonderchat.io is an AI-driven chatbot builder that lets users swiftly craft a personalized chatbot using their knowledge repository. By submitting a site link or uploading a PDF, a ChatGPT-backed chatbot can be created in a mere 5 minutes. Wonderchat.io strives to offer self-help customer service and assist businesses in engaging and retaining more customers.

    Key Features

    • Knowledge Repository Utilization: Leverage existing knowledge repositories by sharing website links or uploading PDFs.
    • ChatGPT Use: Exploit the capabilities of ChatGPT for precise and immediate replies.
    • Automated Customer Assistance: Round-the-clock AI chatbot availability aids in user engagement and retention.
    • Rapid Configuration: Build a tailored chatbot in just 5 minutes, conserving time and resources.
    • Live Interaction: ChatGPT facilitates real-time dialogues, addressing user queries swiftly.

    #3 ChatWizard

    ChatWizard Homepage
    ChatWizard Homepage

    ChatWizard empowers website administrators to readily build smart, engaging chatbots for seamless user communication.

    Key Features

    • AI-Driven Chatbot: Harness GPT for organic and interactive user dialogues.
    • Web Data Learning: Train the chatbot with website data for precise, tailored responses.
    • User-Oriented Design: Craft chatbots effortlessly without needing coding skills.
    • Boost User Experience: Enhance engagement and streamline customer service.

    #4 GPT-trainer

    GPT-trainer Homepage
    GPT-trainer Homepage

    GPT-trainer is an AI chatbot creator that empowers users to construct their own chatbots, leveraging GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology. It enables users to develop smart chatbots without any coding, making them universally accessible.

    Key Features

    • No-Coding Environment: GPT-trainer provides an intuitive, no-code environment, easing the process of AI chatbot creation. Users can build and tailor their chatbot without any coding or technical knowledge, conserving time and effort.
    • Context-Aware Responses: The tool allows users to link their data to the chatbot, facilitating contextual responses based on the received input. This fosters more personalized and meaningful user interactions, boosting the user experience.
    • Adaptable Deployment: GPT-trainer supports several deployment alternatives, including website embedding or integration into popular collaboration platforms like Slack. This adaptability allows users to engage their audience across multiple channels.
    • Broad Application Spectrum: The tool is devised to cater to an extensive range of use cases. Be it customer service, lead generation, content delivery, or any other situation that necessitates trustworthy information delivery, GPT-trainer can be adapted to fulfill those requirements.

    #5 LetsAsk.AI

    LetsAsk.AI Homepage
    LetsAsk.AI Homepage

    LetsAsk.AI is an AI chatbot creator that allows for the construction of a custom ChatGPT chatbot that's familiar to your data. Simply submit a document or website to get a chatbot capable of answering questions based on it.

    Key Features

    • Code-Free Building: Effortlessly construct chatbots without the need for coding or technical skills.
    • Document and Web Training: Educate your chatbot using relevant documents or websites for precise responses.
    • Smooth Integration: Easily incorporate your chatbot into websites, Discord, and Slack to reach a larger audience.
    • Immediate Responses: Offer swift and accurate answers to user queries, boosting customer satisfaction and team efficiency.

    #6 M1-Chat

    M1-Chat Homepage
    M1-Chat Homepage

    M1-Chat is an AI-driven chatbot creator that empowers businesses to design chatbots with human-like communication skills. This powerful tool appreciates context and cues, allowing businesses to deliver instant responses to website visitor queries and collect valuable information for lead generation.

    Key Features

    • Human-like Dialogues: M1 Chat facilitates businesses in creating chatbots with human-like interaction, ensuring more natural and engaging conversations.
    • Contextual Comprehension: The chatbot is engineered to grasp context and cues, delivering accurate and relevant user query responses.
    • No Coding Needed: M1 Chat's user-friendly interface lets businesses build chatbots without the necessity for coding skills, making it accessible to a broad user base.
    • Customizability: The chatbot can be trained using the business's data, enabling customization of chatbot responses and adjustments to specific needs.
    • Customer Support: M1 Chat is excellent for businesses aiming to improve their customer service by offering immediate, personalized aid to website visitors.
    • Lead Generation: The chatbot can be used to gather customer details, such as email addresses and contact information, to generate leads and grow the customer base.
    • Interactive Website Experience: By integrating M1 Chat into their website, businesses can foster a more interactive and engaging visitor experience, promoting extended website sessions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

    FAQs about OpenChat

    Is OpenChat free to use?

    At the moment, OpenChat is accessible for free to all users. You can build any kind of chatbot at no cost via the OpenChat website. More sophisticated features and capabilities are available in premium plans.

    Is OpenChat safe to use?

    Absolutely, OpenChat prioritizes user privacy, employing robust encryption techniques and strict privacy policies to safeguard user data.

    OpenChat supports which communication channels?

    OpenChat caters to text messaging, voice calls, video chats, and group discussions, granting users the liberty to choose their preferred mode of communication.

    My Take

    OpenChat, licensed under the MIT License and available for any commercial usage, is a powerful platform that simplifies the process of building and managing chatbots.

    Whether your goal is to boost customer service, enhance business operations, or simply deliver a more engaging user experience, OpenChat provides all the tools necessary to fabricate proficient and effective chatbots.

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