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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 06/09/2023 7 Min Read

Welcome to our insightful journey through Dezgo AI – a cutting-edge platform changing the landscape of digital creation. We'll unravel Dezgo's advanced AI algorithms, diverse applications, cost structure, and comparisons with similar tools. Whether you're a designer, marketer, or tech enthusiast, this comprehensive guide offers a fascinating look at how Dezgo AI revolutionizes creativity and innovation in the digital realm. Let's step into the world of AI-driven design with Dezgo AI!

Part 1: Brief Introduction of Dezgo

What is Dezgo?

Dezgo is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to generate visually striking images from textual or image inputs. With the help of Stable Diffusion 1.5 technology, Dezgo makes possible high-quality image creation from any text prompt.

How Does Dezgo Work?

In a seamless blend of AI technology and a unique sampling method named DPMSeed, Dezgo crafts the images you desire. Also, you have the option to tweak the content details of its output. For example, you can customize how strictly it follows prompts or generates more explanatory content at your command. Dezgo also states that users don't need to worry about copyright issues for the output. All images are generated under the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license without proprietary notices.

Who is Dezgo For?

Dezgo is an invaluable asset for graphic designers, content creators, and artists on the hunt for inspiration for image creation. It is not just about generating images but also about offering customization and editing options, resulting in personalized visual content. Whether for your website, marketing endeavors, or social media platforms, Dezgo is your tool for creating awe-inspiring images.

Dezgo is suitable for everyone, from professionals such as graphic designers, content creators, and artists to anyone curious about the technology. With it, you can find creative inspiration and directly create images on your website, marketing campaigns, or social media platforms.

General Steps to Use Dezgo

The steps of each function are not much different, and the operation is very simple. Generally, you only need:

  1. Enter your hint describing how the image will look in the end;
  2. You can then choose whether to make special adjustments to the build, changing its style, color scheme, and other adjustable parameters to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  3. AI will give you the result, and you can check if it meets your requirements. Make further adjustments if necessary.
  4. Download the picture.

Part 2: Dezgo AI Features


The Text-to-Image function of Dezgo leverages Stable Diffusion AI, allowing users to generate images from descriptive text or modify an existing image.

Dezgo Text To Image
Dezgo Text To Image

You can also use other controllers. Options include:

  • Guidance: Adjusts how much the AI tries to adapt to the prompt (higher = stricter, lower = more liberal), affects the strength of the modification. The sweet spot is between 6-10; extreme values may produce more artifacts.
  • Choose the AI model to use,
  • Negative hints: specify elements you don't want to see in the final output
  • Sampler: defines the sampling method used to generate the image
  • Seed: A unique image seed number. If not provided, the image will be random.
  • Count: number of images generated (power mode only)
  • Steps: sampling steps (power mode only)
Dezgo Text To Image More Options
Dezgo Text To Image More Options


The Image-to-Image feature of Dezgo is an extraordinary function that employs Stable Diffusion AI, enabling you to alter an existing image to match a provided text description. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to leverage this tool:

  1. Prompt: Start by outlining your desired outcome. Describe how you envision the final image and click 'Run' to produce the output.
  2. Init image: Upload the initial image you want to modify.

In addition, this function allows you to make individual adjustments like the previous function, protection strength, negative prompt, etc.

Dezgo offers an extensive selection of models you can utilize for different purposes or aesthetic preferences, including

  • AbsoluteReality (realistic)
  • Anything 3.0/4.0/5.0 (anime)
  • Deliberate 2 (general)
  • DreamShaper 5/6 (general)
  • Epîc Diffusion 1.1 (general)
  • Stable Diffusion 1.4/1.5 (general)
  • Stable Diffusion 2.1 (512px) (general)
  • Vintedois Diffusion (simple, general)
  • Waifu Diffusion 1.3/1.4 (anime)
Dezgo Image To Image
Dezgo Image To Image


The Upscale function empowers users to enhance image resolution by a factor of two. By leveraging Real-ESRGAN AI, images can be upscaled to a maximum of 768x *768 pixels simply by dragging and dropping files and hitting the 'Run' button.

Dezgo Upscale
Dezgo Upscale

Inpainting from Text

Dezgo also offers an Inpainting from Text function, enabling users to replace parts of an image based on text descriptions. You can choose between two stable diffusion inpainting models to adjust the image. Its other customization options are the same as the text-to-image feature.

Dezgo Inpainting From Text
Dezgo Inpainting From Text

Image Editing from Text

With the Edit Image from Text function, users can instruct Dezgo's Instruct-Pix2Pix AI to edit images according to textual instructions. This includes the same customization options available in the previous functions.

Dezgo Image Editing From Text
Dezgo Image Editing From Text

Text-to-Video AI (Beta)

Dezgo introduces a new experimental feature – Text-to-Video AI. While still in beta testing and exclusively available on Dezgo's Discord server, this tool provides a glimpse of the future. Users can submit video prompts or vote for existing ones, and every five minutes, the bot selects the most popular prompt to generate a video.

Dezgo Text To Video Ai Beta
Dezgo Text To Video Ai Beta

Part 3: Dezgo AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Dezgo AI is not limited to a specific field; it has diverse real-world applications that cater to different professions.

Content Creators

The AI provides a platform for content creators to generate captivating images and content, adding a unique touch to their social media platforms.

Graphic Designers

Designers can use Dezgo AI to produce designs directly or draw inspiration, allowing for more creative freedom and efficiency.


In marketing, Dezgo AI is a valuable tool for creating visually attractive media for campaigns, supporting marketers in grabbing their audience's attention.


Dezgo AI is a visionary assistant for artists and painters, aiding them in visualizing their ideas before bringing them to life on canvas.

In a nutshell, whether you are a graphic designer seeking AI-generated images from specific prompts, a content creator looking to enhance your work, or a marketing professional aiming for visually appealing content, Dezgo AI has got you covered.

Part 4: Dezgo AI Pricing

Free Version

Dezgo AI provides a free version, accessible without any need for registration. However, to prevent server overloads, certain restrictions such as rate limits, image resolution, and capped sampling steps affect image quality.

Power Mode

If you find that the free version doesn't meet your requirements, Dezgo offers a "Power Mode" option with more access rights. With this mode, there is no usage limit for this tool and you can enjoy more features such as:

  • Adjust the number of sampling steps. More steps = more details, but also longer computation time.
  • Scale up the image by this factor using the Real-ESRGAN model. Currently, only factor 2 is supported.

To upgrade, simply click the "lightning logo" in the upper right corner:

Dezgo Faq Price Lightning Logo
Dezgo Faq Price Lightning Logo

Notably, Dezgo AI departs from traditional subscription models, opting for a pay-as-you-go model instead. Users activate Power Mode and are billed based on the content they create. Once the pre-paid balance is exhausted, users can simply recharge to continue using the service.

Dezgo Faq Price Power Mode on
Dezgo Faq Price Power Mode on

Will My Dezgo AI Balance Ever Expire?

No, your Dezgo AI balance does not have an expiration date. Once you've added funds to your account, they can be utilized indefinitely. It's important to remember that the platform's payments are non-refundable. Hence we advise adding a conservative amount to your account initially.

Part 5: Dezgo AI Alternatives

Each AI image generation tool brings its unique strengths and limitations to the table. Here are a few alternatives to Dezgo AI.


A successor to the original DALL-E, DALL-E 2 by OpenAI is a more advanced AI image generator.

Dall E 2 Banner
Dall E 2 Banner


  • Its generation is more detailed and accurate.
  • Ability to create many images, including objects that do not exist.
  • For advertising, entertainment, and design, it generates images that are creative, relevant, and unique.
  • Try it for free.


  • There may be inappropriate or misleading imagery.
  • For now, its technical stills need to improve on realistic graphics.
  • Use may be restricted due to access restrictions.


NightCafe specializes in generating unique artistic content, using deep learning to transform the input image's style.

Nightcafe Bannere
Nightcafe Bannere


  • It features a user-friendly interface, accessible even to non-technical users.
  • It offers free access to its creative studio.
  • Perfect for creating stylized and artistic content, like imitating a famous painting's style onto another image.


  • Its functionality is limited; it may not generate detailed images from textual prompts.
  • Quality of output may vary depending on style and content images' complexity.
  • The generation process can be time-consuming.


Zizoto is an AI-powered image generation tool allowing users to create unique visuals within a collaborative social network.

With it, you can:

  • Generate images with AI
  • Morphing images in social networks: Morphing and remixing images generated by other users,
  • Print posters of your creations directly from Zizoto;
  • Join a community of creators, artists, and innovators and share your creations.
Dall E 3 Banner
Dall E 3 Banner


  • Zizoto's capabilities extend beyond image creation; it enables users to remix and morph images created by others.
  • Users can print high-quality posters from their digital creations.
  • Zizoto offers a unique social experience, forming a community of creators, artists, and innovators.


  • The experience may vary depending on the network's activity as it relies heavily on community interaction.
  • The platform may seem complex for new users unfamiliar with social network interactions.

Novel AI

Novel AI offers a variety of capabilities, including text generation, image generation, and a combination of both.

Novel Ai Image Generation
Novel Ai Image Generation


  • It is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that can meet various needs in one stop.
  • High-quality output that matches or exceeds some competitors.
  • It provides a combined generation of text and images, which opens up more possibilities for idea generation and can help many industries, such as advertising or design.


  • The user interface is complex and may be difficult for new or non-technical users to use.
  • Advanced AI models can be resource-intensive, potentially reducing performance or increasing costs.
  • It’s a monthly subscription service.

Part 6: FAQs

Who Retains Ownership of Images Produced by Dezgo AI? Are They Shareable or Usable for Business Endeavors?

Absolutely, as a user, you retain ownership of all images produced through Dezgo AI. The platform doesn't claim any rights over the created content. You have the freedom to utilize these images in any way you choose, whether sharing with friends and family, or deploying them for commercial purposes. However, it's important to adhere to the terms of Dezgo AI's licensing agreement.

Does Dezgo AI Provide API Access?

Indeed, Dezgo AI offers API access to its users. This enables developers to integrate the features of Dezgo AI into other applications and websites. Please note, to use the API, it needs to be purchased. We recommend referring to its API documentation for comprehensive API usage and pricing details.


Now you have a clear idea of Dezgo. In summary, Dezgo AI is truly a game changer in the field of AI-driven image and video generation. Despite some limitations, it's recommended to try it out for the most authentic experience since it's free. With an AI tool like Dezgo, the only critical limit is your imagination. Start exploring and creating today and experience the future of digital content creation at your fingertips!

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