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Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

Have you been wracking your brain trying to find a unique, memorable, and concise name that embodies the essence of your brand? If you answered yes, then Namelix, a free AI-driven business name generator, might just be the solution.

With Namelix, all you need to do is enter some elementary information about your business and specify your preferences.

This guide will navigate you through the ins and outs of Namelix, covering its features, practical applications, commonly asked questions, alternatives, cost structure, and much more.

What is Namelix?

Namelix Homepage

Namelix is an AI-empowered tool designed to generate business names via cutting-edge AI technologies.

The focus of this tool is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in their quest for a short, distinctive, and catchy business name.

It isn't easy to create a perfect name for your business. You want it short and smart, but those names are often pricey. Long names, on the other hand, might not sound too catchy.

That's where Namelix can lend a hand. It specializes in formulating short, unique brand names that stand out, without breaking the bank.

Plus, it suggests domain names and even helps you create a logo, all thanks to its partnership with

Quick Overview:



Free Business Name Generator

Keyword Input

Powered by AI Technology

Option to Select Name Length and Style

Filter Your Results

Save your Previous Name Searches

View Domain Availability

Domain Name Generator

Through affiliate site

Register Your Domain Name

Through affiliate site

How Does Namelix Work?

Namelix employs a cutting-edge language processing model to create one-of-a-kind business names. All you need to do is feed your preferences into the system, and let Namelix handle the rest.

Remarkably, it's capable of adapting to your selections, progressively sharpening its suggestions based on the names that resonate with you.

Key Features of Namelix

Smart Learning algorithm

Namelix comes equipped with a smart learning algorithm that picks up on users' preferences over time. As you save names you favor, the tool learns your style and adjusts its suggestions accordingly, ensuring that the names it produces are in line with your business idea and personal taste.

Namelix Advanced learning algorithm

Customizable Filters

With Namelix, you can set filters based on what you want in a name. Whether it's a preference for length, the inclusion of a particular keyword, or a specific domain extension, these filters help in delivering names that perfectly fit your needs.

Namelix Filter Results

AI-driven name generation

Namelix uses advanced AI to think up unique, catchy names for your business. Unlike traditional name generators that just mix dictionary words, Namelix offers short, unique, and memorable names that resonate with your business.

Namelix AI-driven name generation

Logo Creation

Namelix works hand in hand with to help you craft eye-catching logos. These AI-designed logos are the perfect accompaniment to your business name, further strengthening your brand image.

Namelix Logo Creation

Use Cases for Namelix

Namelix is a go-to tool for startups, small to medium businesses, those in the process of rebranding, and anyone in need of a distinct, attention-grabbing, and brand-friendly name.

  • Startup Companies and Entrepreneurs

Namelix helps them generate unique, memorable, and fitting business names that embody a brand's identity and unique selling proposition.

  • Marketers

As a marketer gearing up for a rebrand or a product launch, Namelix is your ally. It will provide names that are catchy, brand-centric, and echo with your target consumers, helping your products distinguish themselves in a saturated market.

  • Business Owners

Namelix offers more than just names. Its professional logo design services empower business owners to forge visually compelling brand elements that create a strong impression.

  • Online Businesses

Web-based businesses can make use of Namelix's filtering option to find unique domain names that are memorable and catchy.

How to Generate a Name with Namelix: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Head over to Namelix's Official Website

Namelix doesn't require any sign-up to start generating business names. All you need to do is key in a few words related to your business idea.

Tip: Use keywords that show your brand's spirit, core values, and key business elements.

Let's say I'm starting a fancy dessert shop. I might use words like “sweet, yummy, happy, dessert”. Then, simply click the 'Generate' button.

Namelix Hit the Generate button

Step 2: Choose a Name Style that Suits Your Business

Namelix Name Style

  • Auto: Ideal if you want to see all the style options.

  • Brandable names: Think unique, catchy, and easy to remember. Google, Spotify, and Rolex are great examples.

  • Alternative Spellings: For a creative spin on usual words, like Lyft and Fiverr.

  • Non-English Words: If you want an international touch to your brand. Successful brands like Audi and Toyota went this way.

  • Compound Words: This style mashes two words together for a new concept, like FedEx and Microsoft. It could symbolize your business in a unique way.

  • Real Words: Some brands, like Apple and Amazon, use everyday language. This can make your business feel more relatable and easy to remember.

  • Two Words: This style puts together two distinct words to make your brand name. Think Facebook and Bitcoin

  • Short Phrases: This provides a descriptive touch to your brand, like Dollar Shave Club. It could help customers quickly understand what your business is about.

For my fancy dessert shop, I want to try the “Auto”, let’s try it! Hit "Next" button.

Namelix Select Auto Style

Step 3: Choose the Level of Name Generation Randomness

This function gives you the freedom to decide how innovative and direct you'd like the name suggestions to be, giving you more control over the outcome.

Namelix Select Generation Randomness

  • Low: If you prefer less deviation and more direct name options, go for low randomness. The AI will focus on creating names closely tied to your input keywords, resulting in more straightforward options. This is ideal if your keywords are very specific or if you want a traditional brand name.

  • Medium: This provides a balanced mix of creativity and relevance. The AI will still rely on your keywords but will add a touch of originality to the process, while maintaining a link to your initial keywords..

  • High: With high randomness, expect the most diverse results. The AI will explore a broad spectrum of names, delivering unexpected and highly creative options. This is useful if you're after a highly unique name or if you're open to a wide variety of options.

Considering my dessert shop needs a blend of creativity and relevance to keywords, I'll choose "Medium" randomness and click 'Next'.

Namelix Select Medium

Step 4: Refine your inputs further in the "Brand Info" section

Now, we've arrived at the "Brand Info" section where you can further fine-tune your inputs.

Brand Info Section of Namelix

You can add keywords related to your business or offer a one-line description about your business, product, or core values to guide Namelix's AI.

There's also a 'Check domains' option. If enabled, Namelix will cross-check your generated names with domain availability, helping you see if your preferred name is available as a web domain. Then click the 'Generate' button to let Namelix do its thing!

Step 5: Explore the List of Brand Names

Namelix Returns a list of brand names

Now, you'll see a variety of potential brand names, each with a basic logo design. Click 'more info' on the ones that catch your eye.

Namelix Click on More Info

You'll see available domain info, brief AI feedback about the brand name, and similar name suggestions.

Namelix Overview of available domain

Tip: Ensure the name isn't trademarked and the domain name is available to avoid any legal complications and secure your brand identity.

Step 6: Register your domain name

After settling on a name, you can register your domain through one of Namelix's partner sites.

Namelix Register Your Domain Name

Namelix caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them find the perfect name and offering the convenience of registering the associated domain via its partners.

Considerations When Choosing A Business Name

When choosing A Business Name, consider aspects like relevance, memorability, and availability. Here are some things to consider:

  • Know Your Industry and Competitors

Understanding your market and competitors can guide you towards a unique and brand-oriented business name. Ponder what differentiates your business when selecting a name.

  • Make It Catchy

A catchy business name can pull in customers and make your business stick in their minds. Think about employing rhymes, alliteration, or other creative tactics to make your name pop.

  • Check Name Availability

Namelix automatically verifies the availability of each suggested name, ensuring your chosen name is free for use.

  • Make It Brandable

A brandable business name is distinctive and memorable. Consider inventing words or combining existing ones uniquely to craft a brandable name.

  • Check Domain Name Availability

Having a matching domain name is crucial when choosing a business name. Confirm the domain name corresponding to your chosen business name is available before finalizing.

  • Keywords And Research For Brandable Names

Using keywords and performing keyword research can guide you towards brandable business names. Namelix lets you enter business-related keywords and generates names based on them.

  • Keep Track of Preferred Names

Namelix gives you the ability to save favorite names for future reference. This makes it convenient to revisit your naming options before finalizing your choice.

Pros of Using Namelix

Free to use: Namelix is a free tool, allowing unlimited name generation without any costs. It's accessible on both desktop and mobile, making it handy for brainstorming names on the go.

Easy to use: Namelix is straightforward to use, requiring no prior expertise in branding or naming. Just enter descriptive keywords for your business, and Namelix will produce a list of potential names. These names can be modified to align more closely with your business's identity. 

Over time, as you save names, Namelix's algorithm learns your preferences, refining its recommendations.

Customizable: Namelix lets users define their preferences, including name length, style, generation randomness, keywords, and domain extensions.

Brandable Names: Namelix creates unique, brand-friendly names, helping businesses distinguish themselves. Each suggested name comes with visually appealing branding and logo options.

Cons of Using Namelix

Namelix does not facilitate on-site business name registration. Instead, domain registration is handled via a partner site you're redirected to upon selecting a name.

AI Dependence: The quality of generated names is contingent on the AI's grasp of user preferences. Names produced can sometimes deviate significantly from your initial idea, and the process lacks human intuition.

Namelix doesn’t offer SEO advice. 

Namelix does not offer the option to select names based on industry type.

Logo Purchases: To access the proposed logos, a purchase is required.

Is it Safe to use Namelix?

In terms of Namelix's reliability, ScamAdviser has awarded the site a Trust Score of 100 out of 100, indicating a generally positive review. ScamAdviser employs automated analysis from 40 different data sources to assess a website's safety and legitimacy. This means you can use Namelix with confidence, knowing it isn't involved in any scammy or malicious activities, like spamming or malware attacks.

Alternatives to Namelix for Business Names

Namelix vs. NameSnack

Namelix and NameSnack offer similar services, both employing AI technology to fashion brand-friendly names from provided keywords. However, Namelix allows you to choose the length and style of your name, while NameSnack places emphasis on keyword input.

Namelix vs. NameSnack Comparison:







Keyword Input

Powered by AI Technology

Select Name Length and Style


Create Name by Industry Type



Displays Logo and Name Together


Displays Domain Availability

✔ — .com and domain names only.

Namelix vs. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator (BNG), like Namelix, generates a roster of brandable names using keywords. However, unlike Namelix, BNG provides an option to select names by industry type and apply certain filters. But, BNG doesn't display domain availability upfront; users must click on a name to check its availability via GoDaddy.

Namelix vs. Business Name Generator Comparison:







Keyword Input

Powered by AI Technology

Select Name Length and Style

Create Name by Industry Type


Displays Logo and Name Together


Displays Domain Availability



What other apps or services does Namelix work with?

Namelix integrates with platforms like Airbnb, Instagram, Lyft, Spotify, Strikingly, Trulia, and Vimeo.

Does Namelix Business Name Generator offer SEO-friendly names for local businesses?

No, Namelix doesn't provide SEO advice.

What's the cost to create a business name with Namelix?

Creating a business name with Namelix is free. If you want to register your domain name, you'll be directed to NameCheap where charges apply. Visit NameCheap's official website for pricing details.

Does Namelix handle business name registration?

No, domain name registration is handled via redirection to

Is Namelix free to use?

Yes, Namelix is entirely free to use and doesn't require signup.

Can I tailor the name-generation process?

Although Namelix automatically generates names, you can filter results based on your preferences, like name style and keywords.

Can I save generated names for later?

Yes, Namelix allows you to store your favorite name suggestions for future consideration.

Are the suggested names trademarked?

Namelix doesn't conduct trademark checks. It's crucial to carry out a comprehensive trademark search before deciding on your business name.

Final Thoughts

Namelix offers a range of features, including domain availability, logo design, name length and style filters, and custom keywords. It can assist entrepreneurs and startups in discovering the perfect business name quickly.

In summary, Namelix is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a concise, memorable, and appealing name for their budding or expanding business.

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