Caktus AI Review:
4 Functions, How to Use, Tips, Limitations

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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in numerous areas, and the realm of education is not left out. Caktus AI is an all-encompassing AI education tool tailored to students' and educators' needs. Its impressive features include capabilities for writing code, essays, paragraphs, and even solving math problems.

In this article, we'll dive into the fascinating world of Caktus AI, discussing its impressive features and providing tips on how to maximize its potential. So, let's get started!

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an AI-infused educational platform designed to cater to the needs of students, teachers, and professionals. The goal is to empower them to accomplish their academic and career aspirations.

The tool boasts an array of AI-assisted services such as an Essay Writer, Math Problem Solver, Paragraph Generator, Discussion Questions Generator, Personal Statement Writer, and a unique YouTube to Essay feature.

It also offers a Text Summarizer, along with coding writers for programming languages like Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Go. Plus, it has a dedicated Career section with tools for crafting cover letters and creating potent resume bullet points.

Caktus AI Homepage
Caktus AI Homepage

What can you do with Caktus AI?

All Tools in Caktus AI
All Tools in Caktus AI

You can use Caktus AI as a Writing Tool

Caktus AI's AI essay writer equips you to create top-notch content swiftly. Moreover, it can grasp your writing style and produce content fitting your unique needs.

Caktus AI can assist you in creating:

Essays: Craft essays across a variety of topics, from arts to the sciences, with the help of Caktus AI. Simply feed the AI tool a prompt and witness the creation of a well-articulated essay. The tool can also discover and append citation sources for your essay, simplifying the process of reinforcing your work with credible academic sources and saving you hours of online search.

Being student-oriented, the essay writer produces a certain amount of content before prompting you to continue with the "Write more" button. This action presents a Citation selector, enabling you to select a source that it uses to generate more content and also to cite in your AI-authored essay.

Once your essay-either AI-crafted or manually revised-is ready, you can employ the Caktus content-improver tool for advice on enhancing your grammar, tone, and style.

Innovative features such as 'Ted Talk to Essay' and 'YouTube to Essay' allow you to utilize a video to create your unique script.

Caktus AI Essay Writer
Essay Writer

Paragraphs: Caktus AI's Paragraph Generator is another impressive feature.

Simply like the essay generator, this tool requires a brief description of your desired paragraph. After a short wait of 15-30 seconds, you receive an entirely original AI-written paragraph.

Personal statements: As you prepare your application for a college or university, you'll need a standout personal statement reflecting your skills and achievements. Caktus AI's personal statement writer is a handy tool that can help you craft such a statement. It employs AI to scrutinize your skills and achievements and creates a tailored personal statement emphasizing your strengths.

Caktus AI Personal Statement
Caktus AI Personal Statement

Cover letters: Whether you're eyeing that dream summer internship or you're fresh out of school hunting for your first job, a compelling cover letter is a must. Caktus AI can assist you in writing an impactful cover letter sure to impress potential employers. The tool analyzes the job description using AI and creates a cover letter that aligns with the job requirements. Caktus AI also allows for the customization of your cover letter, making it more personal.

Caktus AI Cover Letter Writer
Cover Letter Writer

Resume bullet points: I was impressed by the precision and relevance of the content generated by Caktus AI. The platform applies smart algorithms to extract crucial information from user input, generating well-organized resumes that spotlight skills, experiences, and achievements. These resumes are visually pleasing and cater to a variety of industries and job roles.

The option to save and export resumes in different formats is another highlight of Caktus AI. You can download your resume in multiple formats, including PDF, Word, and plain text. This flexibility facilitates easy sharing of your resume with potential employers or posting it on job search platforms without worrying about compatibility issues.

Furthermore, Caktus AI offers valuable guidance and suggestions throughout the resume-building journey, providing tips to optimize content, enhance the layout, and improve the overall presentation.

Caktus AI Resume Bullet Points
Resume Bullet Points

Blog posts: Caktus AI empowers you to generate blog posts on diverse topics, from beauty to finance. It uses AI to produce content that's both well-researched and informative.

Love letters and songs: If you're seeking inspiration to write a love letter or a song, Caktus AI has you covered. Its love letter generator and songwriter help you create the perfect romantic message or melody. Plus, you can customize the generated output, making it more personal and unique.

You can use Caktus AI as a Coding Tool

Regardless of your proficiency level in coding, from novice to expert, the coding tools offered by can facilitate quicker and more effective code writing.

The platform supports code generation in several prevalent programming languages, including:

Python writer

Java writer

Javascript writer

TypeScript writer

SQL writer

C# writer

Go writer

For instance, you could input "Create code for a music game" into the Javascript writer, and the tool will generate unique code for app development. There's also a feature that breaks down how the generated code operates.

Each time you use for code generation, you'll have access to a code editor and a debugger, simplifying the process of writing and testing your code. Additionally, you'll find an array of libraries and modules to enhance your code. The platform also provides suggestions for improving your code structure and more.

My Opinion: Admittedly, there are constraints when dealing with more complex code pieces. It's unrealistic to expect AI to write impeccable code that functions flawlessly every time. AI is fully capable of performing basic tasks such as opening a file or reading data from a URL. However, when asked to write a game or a powerful and robust software, the AI falls short.

One of my frequent annoyances with coding problems is hunting down the elusive missing semi-colon or other syntax issues. Even if you decide not to use Caktus AI's coding features, it's worthwhile to run your final code through the platform to catch any overlooked syntax errors.

You can use Caktus AI as a Language Learning Tool

Caktus AI Language Learning Tool
Caktus AI Language Learning Tool

Caktus AI uses its natural language processing capabilities to help you learn a variety of languages, including:








Get acquainted with the new language's alphabet, refine your articulation, bolster your grammar aptitude, and grasp native idioms, expressions, and cultural nuances with Caktus AI. With just a simple click, Caktus AI also enables you to translate text between languages, rendering your conventional translation dictionaries obsolete.

You can use Caktus AI as a Learning Support Tool

Caktus AI Learning Support Tool
Caktus AI Learning Support Tool

Beyond the tools mentioned above, Caktus AI houses an array of engaging learning assistance tools tailored to enhance learning and teaching efficiency, such as:

Automated grading: With Caktus AI's automated grading utilities, educators can streamline the evaluation process, furnish feedback, and monitor student development.

Caktus AI Test Class
Test Class

Personalized learning: Caktus AI is like an academic-curated search engine, enabling educators to devise tailored learning experiences for their students. They can generate custom tasks, track student progress, and provide directed feedback.

Time management: Caktus AI empowers teachers to keep tabs on assignments, set reminders, and establish study timetables to manage workloads efficiently.

Flashcards: For exam preparation or concept memorization,'s flashcard tool can be invaluable. Enhance your flashcards with text, images, or even audio, and share them with peers to foster a fun, collaborative study environment.

Math Solver: An additional handy feature is the math solver mode of Caktus, facilitating easy solutions for equations and math problems.

This feature doesn't interpret word-based math problems; it requires a specific equation to solve, making it more akin to a graphical calculator than an AI-based math solver.

Tip: Wolfram Alpha, a free tool, can offer the same solution for mathematical equations and exercises. which is also accurate and swift.

Describe a Problem to Caktus AI
Describe a Problem

Integral calculator: For calculus students, Caktus AI's Integral Calculator can be extremely beneficial. Just input the function and watch as the AI promptly solves the integral for you.

Remember, Caktus AI's STEM section houses several science, math, and business generators, such as a general problem solver, a present value calculator, an integral calculator, a chemical analyzer, and a geology tutor.

Content improver: This tool can upgrade your writing style by suggesting improvements in word usage, sentence structure, and overall flow.

Question solver and assistant: If you're puzzled by a question,'s question solver and assistant come to the rescue. The tool can provide swift and accurate answers to a variety of questions, whether it's fact verification or a deeper research question.

Text summarizer: The text summarizer of Caktus AI is a potent tool that can compress complex articles and textbooks into succinct summaries, a boon for students who need to digest a lot of information but are pressed for time. With's text summarizer, you can efficiently extract crucial information while saving time.

What are the Limitations of Caktus AI

  1. Caktus AI Essay Writer is designed to generate a broad array of text formats in a quick timeframe. This might seem appealing if you're a student under deadline pressure, but be warned: it's equivalent to cheating. If discovered, you could face serious consequences.
  2. Although several plagiarism detection tools may not recognize content generated by Caktus, an educator or grader may identify the AI-influenced writing style. If caught, the repercussions could be severe. Hence, consider the risk before using this feature.

  1. It's not always fast enough to produce useful output. The tool is slower than most other AI writing tools I've used (e.g., ChatGPT)
  1. Despite its capabilities, errors do occur. To guarantee the precision of the information in the essay, a thorough fact-check and validation are necessary. Regrettably, this can sometimes be more time-consuming than creating the content from scratch.
  1. The platform does not clearly provide support/contact information.

How to use Caktus AI

You need to sign up for an account to utilize its features. Unlike other services that often let you use your Google, Apple, or Microsoft accounts to log in, Caktus AI requires you to manually set up a username and password.

To use the Caktus AI writer, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the official Caktus AI website or download the app.

Step 2: Create an account by entering the necessary details. Ensure the information is accurate for a seamless experience. Once the account is created, use your login details to access your account.

Caktus AI Account Creation Page
Join Caktus

Step 3: Post-registration, there is a charge to access the features. An annual subscription costs $39.99, whereas a monthly subscription is $4.99.

Choose Your Caktus AI Plan
Choose Your Plan

Step 4: After payment, pick the feature you wish to use with the Caktus AI writer. Options include AI paragraph generator, essay writing, coding tools, and more.

Step 5: Input your prompt and let the platform generate the content.

How to Make the Most of Caktus AI

1. Be Precise and Concise in Questions

To optimize your use of Caktus AI, it's vital to frame your inquiries in a concise, topic-focused manner. Doing so enables the AI platform to deliver more accurate and topic-specific responses.

The less explicit data the AI has on a subject, the higher the likelihood of errors occurring.

2. Provide relevant context

Along with posing clear queries, it's beneficial to provide contextual details when using the Caktus AI writer. This could involve mentioning your proficiency level or the course or subject you're engaged with. The more data the AI education bot has to work with, the more custom-tailored and targeted the responses will be.

3. Keep an Open Mind

Remember, Caktus AI is an AI system, not a human mentor. Responses might not always align with your expectations or offer instant value. However, maintaining an open-minded attitude can yield insightful guidance and knowledge from the system.

4. Pose Follow-Up Inquiries

Once you receive a response from this excellent educational ChatGPT substitute, don't hesitate to ask supplementary questions or seek further information. Delve deeper into the topic to enhance your understanding while utilizing Caktus AI.

5. Supplement Your Learning with Caktus AI

Caktus AI, while a potent educational chatbot, is not designed to replace other educational resources such as textbooks, lectures, or human tutors. Instead, consider it as an educational ChatGPT substitute that reinforces concepts, provides extra insights, and fills knowledge gaps.

Caktus AI vs. ChatGPT

You might be curious how Caktus AI fares against the dominant player in the AI content-generation arena, ChatGPT.

We compared both AI tools, and here are our findings.

Where Caktus AI Wins

  • Caktus AI shines in its specialized offerings for its target audience. While content creators or coders may find the platform useful, Caktus AI primarily serves students and educators. Thus, its tools are particularly beneficial for this demographic, unlike ChatGPT.
  • Caktus AI enables a more personalized experience and offers more user-friendly features.
  • Caktus AI's premium monthly subscription fee is less than ChatGPT Plus. Caktus AI costs $4.99 per month, whereas ChatGPT Plus is priced at $20 per month.

Where ChatGPT Wins

  • ChatGPT delivers more human-like content and enables more natural conversations.
  • OpenAI's ChatGPT is intended for broad usage, not specifically tailored to the educational sector. Hence, it's more apt for general purposes.
  • ChatGPT offers a free version, unlike Caktus AI.


What's the pricing?

Caktus AI comes with a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 or an annual subscription of $39.99. The subscription is renewed automatically.

Who benefits most from Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an excellent resource for students. It's capable of crafting essays, solving mathematical equations, and even writing some code. It's a valuable aid for students across different academic levels. Plus, it offers an affordable unlimited plan compared to other similar AI writing tools like Jasper, Content at Scale, and CopyAI.

Is my personal information secure when using Caktus AI to build my resume?

Privacy and data security are top priorities for Caktus AI. The platform ensures all the information you input is encrypted and securely stored. It does not share your personal details with third parties without your explicit approval, guaranteeing the privacy of your resume creation journey.

Final Thoughts

It's worth exploring the potential of AI, considering it's shaping the future. Caktus AI is a multi-functional, robust tool that can enhance your productivity, foster your creativity, and support your learning across various domains. Whether you're a student, an educator, a job hunter, or someone seeking to streamline their life, Caktus AI offers the requisite tools for success.

However, it's worth noting that AI isn't flawless. The content generation tool of Caktus AI, for example, may not produce the most natural or human-like text. It can make errors and potentially plagiarize content.

Also, it lacks a free trial option, so you'll need to weigh whether its monthly fee of $4.99 or yearly cost of $39.99 is worthwhile for you.

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