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What services or products can be purchased using credits?

At present, credits can exclusively be utilized for the purchase of prompts. However, users are permitted to apply these credits towards services related to the ChatGPT Bot and Stable Diffusion in the future updates.

If you are a paid subscription user, you will get a corresponding amount of credits again every month when you renew. Any unused credits from the previous subscription cycle will not carry over. If your subscription expires and you do not renew, the credits will become invalid.

If you use up all your credits, you can upgrade your subscription plan on the account management page to get more credits, or purchase additional incremental credits.


Will using Midjourney prompts produce the same results as the examples?

Because Midjourney's image generation has some randomness, it cannot be guaranteed that using prompts online will produce completely consistent results. But it can generate images highly similar to the example images on Midjourney's prompt detail pages.

Gate2AI adds at least 1000 new prompts for ChatGPT and Midjourney every month. So you can get a steady stream of new tips and inspiration.

We suggest first trying to use our website's search function. If you still can't find the prompts you want, please contact support@gate2ai.com and we will try our best to add them to meet your needs.