2024 WebPilot Review:
4 Key Features, How to Use, Limitation

Webpilot,  an innovative ChatGPT plugin, is able to connect to the Internet and interact with web content. It aims to revolutionize content production and analysis for editors and content creators.

This article will discuss its four main features using concrete examples.

Feature 1: Generate a unique article

The WebPilot Plugin can generate a unique article based on the existing content URL. By simply entering the URL of the original article, WebPilot Plugin applies advanced algorithms to understand, extract, and reorganize information to produce a new, unique article full of fresh insights.

This feature does more than just repeat something from the original URL without really thinking about it or understanding it; instead, it presents content in a way that provides novel perspectives that may spark engaging discussions or inspire innovative ideas.

Original URL source https://clairebahn.com/personal-branding-on-social-media/ .

WebPilot Plugin Generate a Unique Article

Feature 2: Read and Summarize Web Pages and PDFs

WebPilot Plugin not only can browse Web Pages and PDFs, providing a concise summary but also brings thought-provoking insights that can help deepen understanding of the material. It's a powerful tool that has dramatically improved our efficiency in dealing with content.

Example 1: Browse the article URL and summarize the key points

WebPilot Plugin Browse the Article URL and Summarize the Key Points

Note: It doesn’t work on all URLs like Amazon review pages.

Example 2: Crawl the sitemap URLs and give you some blog ideas you desire.

WebPilot Plugin Crawl the Sitemap Urls and Give You Some Blog Ideas

Here is a concise summary of the blogs aimed at unlocking my iPhone when forget the passcode.

WebPilot Plugin A Concise Summary of the Blogs

Example 3: Read the PDF link and summarize the key things.

WebPilot Plugin Read the PDF link

Note: You must provide the correct pdf link format. Otherwise, you will receive this following reminder.

WebPilot Plugin Reminder - There's an issue with the link your provided

Feature 3: Intelligent Q&A

You can ask questions about the web page you are visiting, and WebPilot will prov

ide relevant answers based on the page's content. This instant, contextual question-and-answer capability can greatly help you understand and extract value from a web page.

Example 1: Browse the article URL and extract the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords

WebPilot Plugin Browse the Article URL and Extract the LSI

Example 2: Browse the article URL and analyze the search intent behind the keyword

WebPilot Plugin Browse the Article URL and Analyze the Search Intent Behind the Keyword

Example 3: Give you some recommendations on SEO strategy

WebPilot Plugin Give You Some Recommendations on SEO Strategy

These examples are particularly useful for SEO strategists, as they can provide valuable suggestions to increase the visibility of a web page and drive more traffic.

Of course, you can ask any questions you want according to your actual situation.

Feature 4: Customization Designs

Customized Tone

WebPilot can provide customization designs that adapt to the user's unique requirements. You can specify a specific tone or style, for example, mimicking the persuasive power of Steve Jobs, and WebPilot will deliver content in that specific way.


WebPilot Plugin Customized Tone

Language Preference

Additionally, WebPilot is linguistically diverse, supporting multiple languages and prioritizing the user's language preference. If the conversation starts with "Hola!", don't worry, WebPilot will continue the conversation in fluent Spanish.


WebPilot Plugin Language Preference

Limitations of WebPilot Plugin

  • Possibility of data breach

There are concerns about the possibility of a data leakage attack, where the plugin Webpilot can be used to steal sensitive data from users' emails.

  • Lack of threat modeling

Some users expressed surprise that OpenAI does not seem to do threat modeling for their products, as the current plugin architecture does not distinguish between behaviors that can be safely handled with model output and those that cannot.

  • Prompt Injection

The WebPilot plugin is used to access web pages that the user wants to summarize. However, a malicious prompt injection on that webpage can trigger another plugin (like the Zappier plugin) to access the user's email, assuming the user has that plugin set up and enabled with access to their email. This is a potential security risk.


In short, the WebPilot plugin is a multifaceted tool that simplifies content creation and analysis. It goes beyond traditional content creation with unique content generation, skillful summarization, an intelligent Q&A system, and personalized design customization. However, as powerful as it may be, it is critical to understand its limitations.