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Namelix is a free AI-powered business name generator with customizable filters and integrated logo creation.

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Updated on 11/20/2022

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Key Features of Namelix:

  1. AI-driven Name Generation: Powered by advanced AI, Namelix provides short, memorable, and apt names that seamlessly fit your business idea.

  2. Smart Learning Algorithm: As you interact and select names you gravitate towards, Namelix fine-tunes its suggestions, ensuring that its offerings align with your preferences and business vision.

  3. Customizable Filters: Whether you have a penchant for concise names, desire specific keywords, or are scouting for a distinct domain extension, Namelix's filters have you covered.

  4. Logo Creation: In partnership with, Namelix also offers AI-curated logos, making your business name all the more impactful and enhancing your brand's image.

Who Can Benefit from Namelix?

  • Startup Companies and Entrepreneurs: Find a name that encapsulates your brand's ethos and unique features.

  • Marketers: Be it a new product introduction or a rebranding exercise, Namelix ensures names that resonate with your audience.

  • Business Owners: Beyond names, strengthen your brand identity with professionally designed logos that make an indelible mark.

  • Online Businesses: Opt for domain names that are not just unique but are also unforgettable, setting your online venture a class apart.

For those interested in a deeper dive, our thorough namelix review article provides an extensive exploration of this innovative tool.

Namelix Pricing

Cost Information: Namelix is 100% free. Users are free to experiment with diverse name styles, and the platform churns out an array of names based on user-input keywords.

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  • headerImg
    Emily Johnson9/22/2023

    A handy tool for entrepreneurs. The logo integration with is an added advantage.

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  • headerImg
    Priya Verma9/22/2023

    Namelix is intuitive and user-friendly. Its smart learning truly understands my brand preferences.

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  • headerImg
    Carlos Mendez9/22/2023

    Good tool, but could use more domain extension options. Still, saved me a lot of brainstorming time.

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  • headerImg
    Alice Smith9/22/2023

    Impressed by its AI suggestions. I found a name that resonates perfectly with my online store's ethos.

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  • headerImg
    John Doe9/22/2023

    Namelix has been a game-changer for my startup. The names are unique and the logo feature is a bonus!

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