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Opus Clip, an AI-driven tool that efficiently repurposes one long video into ten captivating shorts

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Updated on 7/25/2023

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Introduction to Opus Clip

Opus Clip, a generative AI-powered video tool, brings a new approach to video content production by streamlining the process of transforming long videos into captivating short ones. Garnering the attention of over 300,000 content creators, marketers, and video editors, Opus Clip accelerates growth and creativity by enabling the easy creation of short, engaging video narratives.

Feature Rich Tool for Diverse Needs

AI-Powered Video Curation

Opus Clip uses a feature known as ClipGenius™, an AI-driven technology that analyses long videos, identifies the most captivating segments, and extracts them into a format suitable for viral shorts.

AI Virality Score™

Based on the analysis of thousands of popular videos, Opus Clip's AI system provides a Virality Score to each clip, indicating its potential for viral popularity.

Active Speaker Detection and AI Keyword Highlighter

In addition to its Virality Score, Opus Clip uses predictive AI technology for active speaker detection, ensuring the focus stays on the speaker. Its AI Keyword Highlighter identifies and accentuates key phrases, boosting viewer engagement by increasing watch time.

Customization and Multi-Language Support

Opus Clip extends its functionality with auto-resizing, transitions, captions, 1080p resolution, and multi-language support. It also offers customization options with trendy templates and brand kits, making it a versatile tool for global audiences.

Opus Clip: Strengths and Drawbacks


Opus Clip's AI technology delivers high-quality, engaging short clips, offering a user-friendly interface, and saving users considerable time and effort. It's optimized for different social media platforms, which makes it a handy tool for content creators targeting multiple platforms.


Despite the AI sophistication, Opus Clip might fall short for users looking for detailed customization options. For some, the pricing may seem steep, especially for those needing more upload minutes.

Nonetheless, the utility it offers in converting long videos into compelling shorts makes it an attractive tool for digital creators and marketers aiming for a wider social media presence.

Opus Clip Pricing

Plan Type

Original Price

Discounted Price

Upload Minutes

Equivalent in HD Clips

Additional Features

Monthly $19





Monthly $38





Same as above

Monthly $57





Same as above

Monthly $76





Same as above

Monthly $95





Same as above

Yearly $228





Same as above

Yearly $456





Same as above

Yearly $684





Same as above

Yearly $912





Same as above

Additional Features:

  • Fast queue: Jump ahead of free-trial users

  • Up to 1080p rendered clips

  • AI Curation with Virality Score

  • Auto Reframe

  • Advanced AI Curation: topic, clip length, and timeframe

  • Custom brand template

  • Auto post to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, IG Reels, or download

  • Intercom & Discord support


Monthly minutes expire 60 days after billing each month.

Yearly credits are available instantly and expire 13 months after purchase.

Free Plan

60 minutes of free upload minutes per month with 1080p rendered clips and Auto Reframe. Clips are no longer viewable or exportable after 7 days and have a watermark.

Limited Time Offer

Free trial with 90 minutes video upload (up to 30 downloadable clips) and a monthly free plan of 60 minutes video upload with limited features and watermarks.

Pro and Enterprise Plans

A Pro Plan is in development, aimed at professional creators, and set to release in December.

For API requests, large volume usage, or enterprise plans, customers are advised to contact Opus Clip directly.


Opus Clip Reviews

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    Ev Chapman9/25/2023

    Discovered Opus Clip and was astounded. It took a 20-minute video and produced more than 10 short-form clips in just 10 minutes.

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  • headerImg

    Tried Opus Clip on a recent video and was amazed. It perfectly captured and framed my face in a very compelling clip.

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  • headerImg
    Jalen Nelson9/25/2023

    Opus Clip has enabled us to post daily instead of weekly, and we're seeing more views as a result. Highly recommend!

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  • headerImg
    Viral Nation9/25/2023

    Using Opus Clip, we tripled our output of short-form clips. This tool enhances our agency's productivity incredibly.

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  • headerImg
    Ricardo Hernandez9/25/2023

    Opus Clip has dramatically increased my YouTube subscribers in a short period. It's a game-changer for content creation.

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