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URPandit is an AI-powered chatbot offering astrological insights and answers to life's questions.

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Updated on 8/4/2023

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Delve deep into the realm of celestial insights with URPandit, a remarkable fusion of Vedic Astrology and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. Designed for those who seek answers to life's profound questions, this chatbot stands ready to illuminate your path, irrespective of time or place.


- Find it on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

- Directly visit and access through [URPandit's official website](https://urpandit.com).

How Does URPandit Function?

Birth Detail Analysis:

Upon inputting your birth specifics - date, time, and place - URPandit embarks on a comprehensive astrological examination. This mirrors the creation of a Kundali or birth chart, encompassing evaluations of planetary positions at your birth, intricate panchang details, and myriad other astrological elements.

Engaging with the Chatbot:

Post this analysis, you are empowered to interact with the chatbot using straightforward language. The heart of URPandit is its AI engine, employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accurately discern the crux of your inquiries.

Unraveling Natural Language Processing:

NLP stands as a monumental achievement in AI. It equips computers with the prowess to comprehend and process human language, facilitating a seamless dialogue between individuals and technology.

Interplay of APIs:

Upon grasping your questions, the system activates specific APIs, tailored to execute necessary astrological calculations. The results are then adeptly translated into coherent language, bridging the gap between intricate computational codes and human comprehension.

The Foundation of URPandit’s APIs:

These APIs draw from the profound expertise of the renowned Saptarishis Astrology group. Ensuring precision and accuracy, these algorithms are continually refined by the insights of world-class astrologers and scholars in the domain.

Delving into URPandit's Array of Features:


URPandit offers an AI-driven astrologer, attuned to Vedic principles, ever ready to shed light on life's perplexities, anytime and anywhere.

Transit Analysis:

Recognized as the "Celestial delivery boy", transits play a pivotal role in predicting events. URPandit ensures that these transits are meticulously analyzed, laying the groundwork for accurate predictions.


An integral facet of Vedic Astrology, the Panchang, encompassing Tithi, Yog, Karan, Vaar, & Nakshatra, serves as a compass indicating the potentialities of a given day.

Vimshottari Dasha:

Esteemed by the sage Parashar, the Vimshottari dasha stands as a universally acknowledged system, and URPandit ensures its proficient integration.


Drawing from the Vedas, the Navtara system is a unique astrological subject discussed, and URPandit seamlessly incorporates this wisdom.


Moving beyond mere hourly delineations, in Vedic Astrology, each Hora is linked to a specific planet. URPandit skillfully aligns events as indicated by each planet in your birth chart to its corresponding Hora.


Deemed the "Golden key" in Vedic Astrology, Panchpakshi offers insights that can be leveraged in various life scenarios, further enhancing URPandit's repertoire.

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