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Wordscope is a comprehensive professional translation tool used by businesses and translators.

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Updated on 6/28/2023

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Wordscope is a top-tier translation software made for businesses and translators who consistently require translation services. Focused on promoting productivity and translation consistency, Wordscope implements a wealth of features to maintain the precision and integrity of all translations.

This tool's pivotal features include ChatGPT Assistance, which aids translators in understanding concepts, finding definitions, rewording, and asking queries. Wordscope also comprises a Neural Machine Translation that employs AI technology to increase productivity and simplify the translation procedure. Private Translation Memories are used to prevent repeatedly translating identical sentences.

Furthermore, Wordscope possesses Terminology Databases to preserve consistency across multiple content and media types, and Public Translation Memories for utilizing translations from certified multilingual websites. To ensure translations remain faithful to the source text, a Comparative Revision Tool is incorporated. Quality Control Tools are put in place to check for grammatical and spelling errors, inconsistencies, typos, and more.

For improved translation style and tone, Wordscope provides Synonym Lists. And to facilitate collaboration on sizeable projects, Sharing Options are available. The software can connect to one or several machine translation engines like DeepL (Machine Translation Integration) for extra assistance and has the capability to store translations in a private translation memory for future needs.

Wordscope can be utilized to efficiently translate intricate documents, maintain consistency in translations across various projects, increase productivity and time-savings in translation procedures, and collaboratively work on large-scale translation projects.

In short, Wordscope is a comprehensive translation solution that boosts productivity and ensures high-quality translations every time for businesses and professional translators.

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