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Updated on 4/10/2023

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Launch Your No-Code AI App in Seconds with Sttabot

Sttabot allows you to build your own no-code AI apps for free and launch them on the web within seconds. With Sttabot, you can turn your ideas into live AI applications easily and quickly.


  1. Define AI Capabilities - With Sttabot, you can define the capabilities of your platform, giving your AI app superpowers that can perform tasks like data mining and writing lyrics.

  2. Customize The Look - Sttabot allows you to personalize your app by changing the colors, looks, fonts, themes, domain, and other options, making it unique to your brand.

  3. Instantly Launch - With Sttabot, you can publish your app in public in seconds and share it with users directly by a single link.


  • No-Code Required - Sttabot doesn't require any coding skills, making it easy for anyone to build their own AI app.

  • Time-Saving - Create an AI app within minutes, avoiding the long process of developing an app from scratch.

  • Free - Sttabot is a free service, accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Use Cases:

  • Personalized AI Apps - With Sttabot, you can create your personalized AI apps to suit your specific needs, such as data analysis, personalized lyrics, or chatbot services.

  • Business Applications - Sttabot can be used for corporate communication, virtual assistants, and personalized branding.

  • User Engagement - Launch your AI app in public and engage with your audience, promoting free services or gathering feedback.

Sttabot empowers you to create and launch your own no-code AI app in seconds, providing you with superpowers and a personalized look. Try Sttabot today and start building your AI app instantly.

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