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Updated on 7/25/2023

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Pixop is a revolutionary cloud-powered service that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to drastically improve the quality of video footage. The service is primarily targeted towards professionals in the video industry such as filmmakers, video editors, post-production experts, and video production companies. With an emphasis on affordability and user-friendliness, Pixop makes high-quality video enhancement as simple as hitting a button.

Key Features

AI and ML-Powered Enhancement: Pixop provides a suite of cutting-edge automated filters including ML super resolution, AI denoising, AI deinterlacing, AI deep restoration, and more. These sophisticated tools help to drastically improve video quality and resolution.

User-Friendly Web App: The service operates through an easy-to-use web app which does not require any additional downloads or expensive hardware to operate.

REST API Integration: This makes the service adaptable for clients handling high-volume tasks or who have large video archives.

Cloud-Based Service: Pixop is 100% cloud-based eliminating the need for downloads or specialized hardware. Additionally, all user data is encrypted for enhanced security.

Stripe Payment Integration: Pixop uses Stripe for secure payment processing, ensuring users can feel safe with their transactions.

Calculator and Bulk Discounts: The service calculates processing costs and provides budget-friendly solutions through bulk discounts.

Partnerships with Providers: Pixop collaborates with existing video enhancement tools, integrating them into your workflow for an added layer of value.

Use Cases

Professionals and Filmmakers: Pixop's service is the perfect tool for professionals and filmmakers looking to enhance the quality and resolution of their projects.

Video Editors and Post-Producers: The AI-powered filters provided by Pixop significantly improve the quality of footage, making it an invaluable tool for video editors and post-production teams.

Video Production Companies: For video production companies aiming to produce top-quality content, Pixop offers noise removal and video resolution enhancement.

Equipped with a strong suite of AI and ML-driven tools, Pixop is a game-changer in the world of video enhancement, remastering, and upscaling. The service is not only cloud-based but also equipped with a user-friendly web app, making it a highly accessible and effective solution for video quality enhancement.

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