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Fathom is a tool that automates the process of note-taking and summarization during meetings.

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Updated on 6/25/2023

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Fathom is a highly advanced AI assistant, specifically engineered to revolutionize the way meetings are conducted. It accomplishes this by eliminating the tedious task of manual note-taking and summarizing meetings. Embracing modern technology, Fathom effortlessly integrates with Zoom calls, where it records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes discussions.

One should not overlook the key features Fathom brings to the table. Foremost among them is the automatic transcription and highlighting of significant parts of conversations. Additionally, Fathom has a CRM syncing feature which expeditiously generates call notes and synchronizes them with the user's CRM system.

Sharing moments of conversations, particularly the noteworthy highlights, has never been easier with Fathom's integration with Slack. Another significant feature is its multilingual support; with capabilities in seven languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese, Fathom can cater to a diverse demographic of users.

Fathom also stands out in terms of user-friendliness, with a simple setup and a serenely intuitive interface. It's a tool designed to save time and effort by automating the mundane task of note-taking and summarizing meetings. Its seamless integration with Zoom and Slack further facilitates the easy sharing of significant conversation highlights, thus increasing efficiency within teams.

To ensure security, Fathom guarantees 100% privacy in its recordings, employing end-to-end encryption, rigorous monitoring, and regular 3rd party penetration testing. Thus, Fathom enhances meeting productivity while assuring users of secure and private conversations.

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