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Novable is an advanced tools to facilitate startup and innovative scouting for professionals.

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Updated on 7/26/2023

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Key Features

Advanced AI-Powered Scouting: The cornerstone of Novable's functionality is its DeepMatching™ technology. This AI-driven scouting technology enhances startup discovery and innovation by identifying and ranking the most relevant opportunities.

Professional Scouting with Validation: Novable goes a step further by offering professional scouting services, wherein experts validate each potential startup and innovation. Additionally, they aim to forge the initial engagement, bolstering a company's startup connections.

Inclusive Contextual Network: Novable exposes its clientele to a far-reaching network, which includes millions of innovative companies spread across an array of industries and countries, offering diverse and expansive scouting opportunities.

Intuitive Natural Language Search: This feature redefines user interaction, as users can express their scouting needs in simple language, eliminating complex jargon.

Efficiency and Precision: Novable's platform streamlines the discovery process by filtering out irrelevant data and yielding results tailored to a company’s specific scouting needs, thus saving precious time.

Highly-Rated Satisfaction: With a remarkable 97% satisfaction rating, Novable has carved a niche for itself as a reliable partner in the journey of innovation amongst industry professionals.

Inspirational Resources: Beyond startup scouting, Novable offers resources including client success stories, insightful blogs, and an e-book to keep clients continually updated and inspired.

Use Cases

Targeted Startup Scouting: Novable is the perfect tool for companies keen to identify and engage with breakthrough startups, helping them uncover hidden gems in the startup landscape.

Innovation-Driven Research: Utilizing Novable's capabilities can help businesses stay ahead of the curve by continually conducting comprehensive research into emerging innovative practices and trends.

Novable is an AI-based innovation-hunting powerhouse, developed to be a robust ally for firms venturing into the arenas of startup scouting and innovation discovery. Combining cutting-edge AI technology with expert human intervention, Novable aids businesses in gaining a competitive edge by harnessing the potential of tomorrow's innovations today. This unmatched combination of resources ensures that companies experience sustainable growth in the rapidly changing world of business.

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