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Updated on 5/13/2023

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DB Pilot is a modern and AI-enhanced database GUI that simplifies and streamlines SQL operations with its robust features. Below are the key features of DB Pilot:

  • AI-enhanced SQL operations: DB Pilot uses AI technology to simplify SQL queries, conversion, and explanation, making it easy for users to navigate complex SQL operations with efficiency and speed.

  • Embedded DuckDB instance: Users can query different file formats and store results without affecting their production database, ensuring data privacy and security.

  • Database support: At present, DB Pilot supports PostgreSQL, while plans are in place to add support for MySQL and SQLite in the future.

  • Flexible data management: With DB Pilot, users can easily filter tables, join different data formats, and query remote files to achieve their desired results and streamline data management.

Potential use cases for DB Pilot include:

  • Simplifying SQL operations and enhancing productivity: DB Pilot's AI-powered assistant feature assists users in simplifying SQL operations, boosting efficiency and productivity.

  • Managing and querying various file formats: With DB Pilot, users can handle and query a wide range of file formats without affecting their production database, ensuring data privacy and security.

  • Efficiently handling PostgreSQL databases: DB Pilot is a powerful tool for managing PostgreSQL databases and with plans to expand support to other databases, it offers flexible and powerful database management solutions.

  • Ensuring data privacy with AI capabilities: DB Pilot offers the benefits of

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