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Wize is an innovative tool that enables users to access and explore valuable knowledge disseminated through popular podcasts.

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Updated on 7/28/2023

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Wize is an impactful AI tool engineered by Shreyans, uniquely designed to tap into the abundant knowledge disseminated through numerous popular podcasts. It provides insightful and context-sensitive resolutions to the users' inquiries. The creation of Wize rests on the integration of avant-garde technologies such as the Milvus vector database, the DistilRoBERTa-v1 tokenizer from Hugging Face, the OpenAI API, and AWS. This amalgamation of potent technologies gives Wize the power to process the nuanced intricacies of thousands of conversations held with esteemed experts across the podcast industry.

Key Features

AI-Enriched Knowledge Assistant: Leverages the potency of artificial intelligence to generate contextual responses in line with the information deduced from podcast interviews.

Extensive Podcast Interview Scrutiny: In-depth analysis of thousands of interviews with acclaimed experts in various industries.

Apparent and User-Oriented Interface: Presents a user-friendly design that allows for effortless interactions and query submission.

Smooth Gradio Integration: Enhances user accessibility with a seamless assimilation of Gradio's intuitive interface-building framework.

Use Cases

Profound Insights: Converts podcast wisdom into easily digestible and well-informed responses, making valuable knowledge accessible.

Context-Sensitive Responses: Delivers caters answers specific to user inquiries, presenting relevant and customized information.

Informative Knowledge Repository: Functions as an on-demand virtual expert, catering comprehensive knowledge extracted from an extensive range of podcast content.

Unencumbered User Interaction: Facilitates effortless interaction through its user-oriented interface and Gradio integration, making Wize incredibly easy to navigate.

Wize stands as a solution that believes in employing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and progressive technologies to unlock access to the wealth of knowledge endemic to the podcast sphere. Users can enjoy accurately tailored responses, absorbing valuable insights and expertise from eminent professionals through a seamless and intuitive interface offered by Wize's AI tool.

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