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DadaBots is a machine learning platform that streams continuous death metal music created by artificial intelligence.

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Updated on 7/27/2023

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DadaBots is a groundbreaking platform driven firmly by the power of machine learning, endeavoring into the endless possibilities of AI-powered music creation. Taking a refreshing approach, DadaBots directs its focus on the genre of death metal, producing a 24/7 livestream of AI-created music. It capitalizes on raw audio neural networks, soaking up the essence and style of pre-existing bands and transforming it into an exquisite imitation. This often results in the creation of deep faked music which reflects the style and talent of renowned bands like Nirvana and John Coltrane.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Livestream: Harnesses the potential of continuous live streaming to churn out an incessant stream of death metal music, creating an unbeatable AI-music experience.
  • Raw Audio Neural Networks: Implements advanced neural networks, gaining understanding and learning from existing popular bands to recreate their music style.
  • Music Deep Fakes: Surgically fabricates music that mirrors the style of iconic bands like Nirvana and John Coltrane, enchanting fans with familiar, yet refreshingly new melodies.
  • Cult Following: Hosts a tight-knit community of followers and enthusiasts on platforms like Discord and Twitter, offering a platform for engagement and interactions.
  • Distinct Sound: Boasts a unique audio signature with its doppelgänger neural technical death metal and outerhelios neural free jazz styles, treating its listeners to a memorable musical journey.

Use Cases

  • Music Exploration: Provides listeners a unique and out-of-the-box avenue to venture into the vast world of AI-generated music.
  • Cult Following: Fosters a dedicated hub of followers and enthusiasts, creating a sense of communion among music lovers from different walks of life.

In summary, DadaBots is a captivating platform that transcends traditional music boundaries, offering a deep dive into the world of AI-generated music. It uses raw audio neural networks to produce awe-inspiring deep faked music, drawing inspiration from legendary bands, and serving music lovers a unique and enthralling listening experience. Its 24/7 livestream combined with a dedicated community of fans makes DadaBots a spearhead in challenging and redefining the established norms of music generation through AI.

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