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Updated on 6/25/2023 Featured is an innovative AI tool designed to make information retrieval more efficient. Users can ask questions about their documents and videos, and receive accurate answers. Using natural language processing (NLP), it extracts text from diverse file types, effectively processes it and delivers accurate responses.

The key features of include accurate answer generation with source citations, support for multiple file types involving PDFs, videos and web pages, and flashcard generation for efficient learning. The tool also emphasizes data privacy and follows GDPR, DPA 2018, and ISO 27001 standards, offering guaranteed security. Additionally, personalized learning maps are generated to aid knowledge improvement and to identify gaps in understanding. Moreover, offers a free trial, enabling users to explore its capabilities.

The software finds use in a wide range of scenarios. It serves as a study aid for students, a research assistant for professionals, a tool for efficient knowledge retention, and a personalized learning guide. is a reliable AI tool that provides precise answers from diverse file formats. Whether users need quick answers to study materials or raw data for research, the platform makes learning and knowledge extraction a breeze. Reviews

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