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Updated on 4/4/2023

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Revolutionize Your Chats with TalkBerry - The Chrome Extension that Adds Voice Control to ChatGPT

Introducing TalkBerry - the ultimate solution for hands-free convenience while using ChatGPT. TalkBerry is a Chrome extension that enables you to interact with ChatGPT using your voice. With more than 10 different languages to choose from, you can start talking to ChatGPT instantly and efficiently.


  1. Voice Control: Talk to ChatGPT using just your voice, eliminating the need for manual interactions.

  2. Customizable Languages: You can switch between multiple language options to make your conversation with ChatGPT more comfortable and efficient.

  3. Convenient: With TalkBerry, you can save time and effort by talking to ChatGPT without taking your hands off the keyboard, making it easy to multitask.

Use Cases:

  • Accessibility: TalkBerry makes it possible for people with disabilities to access ChatGPT and engage in conversations hands-free.

  • Efficiency: TalkBerry saves valuable time for busy professionals by allowing them to use ChatGPT while performing other tasks.

  • Multitasking: With TalkBerry, you can do more than just chat with ChatGPT. You can simultaneously perform other tasks and communicate without interruption.

In conclusion, TalkBerry is a game-changing Chrome extension that provides hands-free accessibility and efficiency while using ChatGPT. With customizable language options and voice control technology, you can easily engage in a hands-free conversation with ChatGPT while performing other tasks. Try out TalkBerry today and revolutionize the way you interact with ChatGPT!

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