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SwiftGPT: a chat interface for efficient and dynamic natural language generation.

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Updated on 6/3/2023

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SwiftGPT.app is a dedicated macOS application that ensures a seamless and efficient ChatGPT experience for its users. The application is designed with a user-friendly chat interface, allowing for effortless interaction with OpenAI's advanced conversational AI.

Key Features

  • Native macOS App: Experience a smooth and optimized ChatGPT application on macOS devices.
  • User-Friendly Chat Interface: Engage with OpenAI's conversational AI in a comfortable chat-like setting.
  • Conversation History: Easily access and reference previous conversations for better context and information retrieval.
  • Cost Tracking: Monitor individual and total expenses related to ChatGPT usage.
  • Light and Dark Modes: Customize the app's appearance with light or dark themes to suit your preferences.
  • Customizable with Own API Key: Personalize the ChatGPT experience by using your own API key.

Use Cases

  • macOS users seeking a seamless and optimized ChatGPT interaction on their devices.
  • Individuals looking for an intuitive chat interface to communicate with OpenAI's conversational AI.
  • Users needing easy access to previous conversations for enhanced context and information recall.
  • Individuals interested in tracking their ChatGPT usage expenses.
  • macOS users who appreciate personalized interfaces with light or dark mode options.
  • Those who wish to use their own API key to tailor their ChatGPT experience.

SwiftGPT.app provides macOS users with an exceptional tool to elevate their ChatGPT experiences.

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