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Updated on 4/23/2023

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MapDeduce is an AI-powered tool aimed at helping users comprehend complex documents. Here are some of the key features and benefits of using MapDeduce:

  • Upload PDFs: Currently, MapDeduce supports text-only PDFs, and image recognition, and other file types are coming soon.

  • Privacy: Document content remains private and is not used for training purposes, ensuring data privacy and security.

  • Summarize: MapDeduce can generate summaries for documents in any language, which saves time and increases productivity.

  • Ask: MapDeduce can identify and prompt the right questions to ask, depending on the document type, accelerating understanding.

  • Spot Red Flags: MapDeduce can identify potential red-flag terms or potential pitfalls in contracts or agreements, providing an additional layer of risk management.

  • Use Cases:

    1. Summarizing Lengthy Documents: With its summarization feature, MapDeduce can condense lengthy, complicated documents into easy-to-understand summaries, saving considerable time.

    2. Identifying Important Questions: MapDeduce can identify and generate essential questions for the user to ask about the document, reducing ambiguity and increasing understanding.

    3. Reviewing Contracts for Red-Flags: MapDeduce can help users spot red-flags in legal documents or contracts, improving risk management practices.

    4. Comparing Documents (upcoming feature): In the upcoming release, MapDeduce will provide a comparison feature to allow users to compare and understand similar documents with greater ease.

Overall, MapDeduce is a powerful tool that provides an efficient method to comprehend complex documents by summarizing, raising crucial questions, and detecting possible red-flags in contracts.

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