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It offers innovative technologies for creating high-quality virtual singing.

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Updated on 7/26/2023

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Key Features

Advanced AI-Driven Vocal Synthesis: Synthesizer V harnesses advanced AI technology to generate realistic, responsive singing vocals, lending human-like intonation and emotive variation to the voice output.

Extensive Multi-Language Support: It provides comprehensive support for multiple languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese, thereby making it a versatile tool for creating vocals in diverse languages.

Personalized Vocal Modes: Synthesizer V allows users the flexibility to choose from a variety of vocal modes such as chest, belt, and breathy, allowing for a wide range of vocal styles and expressions.

Refined Vocal Performance: This tool includes dynamic features such as AI-based retakes and isolated aspiration output that intricately refines every aspect of the vocal performance for a polished output.

Synthesizer V Studio Integration: It provides the functionality to import MIDI files, integrate lyrics, and perfectly gel with VST3 and AudioUnit interfaces, providing a seamless workflow to the users.

Upgraded Pro Version: The Pro version of Synthesizer V allows unlimited tracks and the ability to customise the pitch generation using AI, offering the user more refined control over their creation.

Use Cases

Reinventing Music Production: Synthesizer V has emerged as a ground-breaking tool for musicians and music producers, offering them the ability to create and experiment with hyper-realistic vocal tracks in their compositions.

Bridge for Multilingual Projects: With Synthesizer V, producers working on projects requiring vocals in multiple languages can easily cross language barriers, owing to the extensive multi-language support feature integrated into this tool.

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