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Fyli is a tool designed to create personalized chatbots.

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Updated on 6/23/2023

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Fyli is an innovative AI assistant designed to simplify the process of creating personalized AI chatbots. It is an ideal tool for those lacking in coding skills as it provides a code-free platform for chatbot creation. Fyli also allows users to upload their own data or connect to a variety of external data sources such as YouTube, Google Docs, and Twitter, enabling them to efficiently leverage their data within the chatbot.

Notable features of Fyli include its user-friendly chat UI and platform integration that allows for interaction with data and seamless connection with messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. Fyli also offers options for hosting chatbots, prioritizing both ease-of-use and user security. It is dedicated to ensuring user data privacy and security.

Fyli proves immensely useful in a number of scenarios. It can aid businesses in setting up AI chatbots for automated customer support, provide a platform for data query and analysis, and enhance communication and automation workflows with its platform integration capabilities.

All in all, Fyli presents an accessible and easy approach to AI chatbot creation, allowing users to effectively utilize their data and enable personalised interactions.

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