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Our AI Ghostwriter Assistant for Crafting Life Blueprints and Publishing Simbooks on Qualped Library.

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Updated on 5/14/2023

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Introducing Qwai: The Robo-Servant That Helps You Create a Life Blueprint Manuscript

Qwai is a revolutionary tool that acts as your ghostwriter robo-servant, helping you create a life blueprint Manuscript that becomes the foundation upon which you build a life you love. With Qwai, you can shape your future story and manifest your dreams. Here are the key features of Qwai:

  • Life Blueprint Manuscript: Qwai assists in writing your life blueprint Manuscript, providing a detailed plan for building the life you desire. The Manuscript acts as a roadmap for your life, helping you make strategic decisions that align with your goals and aspirations.

  • Simsbook Design Process: Qwai's designers transform your Manuscript into a multimedia smartbook called a simsbook through a series of design steps. The simsbook combines text, images, audio, and video, creating a captivating multimedia experience for readers.

  • Global Library Publication: Your simsbook is published on the Qualped Library, a global ecommerce platform, generating multiple streams of revenue from your story. You can reach a global audience and earn

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