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"Dewey is an innovative tool, powered by AI, designed to aid in improving organization and productivity."

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Updated on 7/7/2023

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Dewey emerges as your trusted AI accountability partner, designed meticulously to aid users in enhancing their organizational skills, boosting productivity, and staying committed to their goals. Leveraging leading-edge AI technology, Dewey offers a plethora of features and functionalities that guide users in managing their tasks effectively and fostering positive habits.

Key Features

Text Message Reminders: Dewey ensures you never lose sight of your tasks and objectives. It sends well-timed text message reminders to keep users abreast with their tasks and aspirations.

Goal Tracking: Dewey simplifies the journey towards achieving goals. It lets you set, keep track, and visually witness the progress made towards realizing those goals.

Conversational AI: With Dewey, interaction never gets monotonous. Engage in lively conversations with Dewey when in need of guidance and garner support.

Customizable Reminders: Ensure every reminder is exactly how you want it. Dewey permits customization of reminders catering to each individual user's preferences and needs.

Free and Premium Plans: Dewey believes in options. Experience the free version that allows managing up to three tasks while the "Best Friends" plan opens the door to unlimited tasks management and accompanying additional perks.

Timely Reminders: Dewey syncs up to your time. It dispatches reminders every three hours from 7 am to 9 pm in the user's local timezone.

Customer Support: Feel the comfort of prompt assistance. Users can access customer support by emailing [email protected]

Use Cases

Task Management: Enhance your organization and productivity quotient with valuable text message reminders for significant tasks.

Goal Achievement: Keep track of your progress and get timely reminders to stay aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Habit Development: Cultivate and nurture positive habits with the aid of regular reminders and accountability

Personalized Assistance: Stimulate engaging conversations with Dewey for tailored guidance and support in managing tasks and achieving goals.

A trusted wingman in your virtual pocket, Dewey stands as a steadfast and user-friendly AI accountability buddy, enabling users to stay organized, be more productive, and laser-focused on their goals.

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