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Luminar Neo is a innovative AI-powered photo editing software designed for macOS and Windows platforms.

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Updated on 7/26/2023

Luminar Neo Featured

Luminar Neo is a state-of-the-art AI-powered photo editor, meticulously crafted by Skylum. This revolutionary tool revolutionizes the photo editing process by simplifying it, without compromising on the quality and integrity of the final image. Designed for compatibility with macOS and Windows, Luminar Neo comes as a standalone application and can also be integrated as a plugin, providing seamless adaptability into pre-existing workflows.

Key Features

AI Sky Replacement: This feature exploits the power of artificial intelligence to transform a dull sky into a vibrant one with ease. With just a single click, users can select from an array of realistic skies to enhance their photos.

Accent AI: Introducing a user-friendly and convenient alternative, Accent AI simplifies photo adjustments. With just one slider, it gives users control over multiple parameters, delivering natural, beautiful results.

Atmosphere AI: Luminar Neo takes imagery realism to a new level by enabling users to add environmental elements such as fog, mist, or haze to images with content-aware masking, ensuring believable effects.

20+ Unique Photo Effects: Whether you're looking to apply standard edits or to introduce creative elements, Luminar Neo provides an extensive suite of more than twenty unique photo effects for a personalized editing experience.

Use Cases

Landscape Photography: AI Sky Replacement and Atmosphere AI can transform landscapes, infusing them with vibrant skies and realistic atmospheric effects.

Portrait Retouching: Accent AI offers a smart solution to portrait retouching, making natural adjustments for professional-quality portraits.

Scene Relighting: Luminar Neo can dramatically alter the ambiance of scenes through its AI Sky Replacement, enabling mood transformations at the click of a button.

Luminar Neo, fueled by AI, furnishes photographers with an all-encompassing toolbox of editing features and effects. It offers infinite potential for creativity, whether its amplifying the natural beauty of landscapes, refining the elegance of portraits, or crafting a distinctive mood to scenes. This AI photo editor is truly a game-changer, facilitating the creation of visually mesmerising images.

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