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Sohar Health is an innovative and efficient tool designed to optimize operations in behavioral health companies through seamless patient eligibility verification and AI-powered medical coding.

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Updated on 7/9/2023

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Sohar Health is an all-inclusive platform purpose-built for the distinct requirements of behavioral health companies. This innovative tool amalgamates two crucial features - patient eligibility verification and AI-powered medical coding. Not only does it automate these important processes but also simplifies them, letting healthcare teams dedicate their attention towards delivering superior results systematically.

Key Features

Patient Eligibility Verification: This feature automates and simplifies the business practice of verifying potential patients' eligibility for behavioral healthcare coverage. This not only leads to enhanced conversion rates but also promotes operational efficiency.

AI-Powered Medical Coding: Sohar Health harnesses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to amplify the accuracy of medical coding. The result is a decrease in coding errors and a reduction in claim denials.

Seamless EHR Integration: This feature smoothly integrates with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, preventing data redundancy and improving workflow efficiency by capturing patient interactions.

Developer-Friendly APIs: Sohar Health’s advanced APIs are not only intensely powerful but also user-friendly, enabling seamless integration and fast-passed development.

Enhanced Revenue Optimization: By improving billing accuracy and reducing claim denials, this feature optimizes revenue streams. Precise medical coding and robust eligibility verification become the pillars of this revenue optimization.

Use Cases

Sohar Health proves beneficial for behavioral health companies, clinics, and healthcare providers looking to streamline their patient eligibility verification processes.

For medical coding teams working in behavioral health billing, Sohar Health is a valuable tool to decrease errors, boost accuracy, and curtail claim denials.

Healthcare providers desiring to augment their workflow efficiency and put an end to manual data input in their EHR systems can greatly benefit from this platform.

Sohar Health is an ideal solution for software developers and IT teams looking to integrate patient eligibility verification and artificial intelligence-powered medical coding into their existing programs and applications.

Ultimately, Sohar Health enhances the capabilities of behavioral health companies, offering them a comprehensive platform that streamlines operations and substantially uplifts outcomes.

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