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proudP, an FDA-approved mobile app specifically designed for men's prostate and urinary health, boasting a stunning 98% clinical accuracy in tracking and measuring urine flow.

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Updated on 7/22/2023

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Introducing proudP, a state-of-the-art mobile application engineered to empower males in maintaining optimal prostate and urinary health. This application is an FDA Class II medical device that tracks and measures urine flow with an impressive clinical accuracy rate of 98%, offering a valuable tool for monitoring and assessing various factors related to prostate and bladder wellness.

Key Features

FDA Class II Medical Device: As an FDA-approved medical device, proudP exemplifies supreme standards of safety and efficacy in promoting men's prostate and urinary health.

Uroflow Metrics Tracking: The app efficiently records essential uroflow metrics like urine volume, flow rate, and voiding time, enabling accurate tracking and analysis.

Key Indicators: proudP converts raw data into four key actionable metrics that directly correlate with prostate and bladder health, thereby facilitating a more informed health assessment.

Clinical Accuracy: It boasts proprietary AI algorithms, based on an exhaustive sample size of 120,000 cases, delivering an astounding accuracy rate of 98%.

Urologist Endorsed: Having earned the trust and endorsement of renowned urologists, proudP upholds the highest level of reliability.

HIPAA Compliance: proudP adheres to HIPAA guidelines to ensure rigorous data privacy and security measures are in place.

User-Friendly Interface: The app's intuitive user interface ensures accessibility and ease-of-use, catering to users of all ages and tech-proficiencies.

Health Monitoring: Provides a robust framework for proactive monitoring and management of prostate and urinary health, fostering preventive health practices.

Use Cases

Men's Prostate Health: Regular monitoring and assessment of prostate health, allowing timely action and intervention.

Urinary Wellness: Enables tracking and maintaining urinary wellness, augmenting overall urological health.

Preventive Health: Encourages users to adopt proactive health management practices, facilitating early detection and intervention.

Medical Monitoring: Provides a useful support tool for medical professionals to track, evaluate, and follow up with patients' prostate and urinary health metrics.

proudP effectively bridges the gap between technology and health, allowing men to stay proactive about their prostate and urinary wellness. Its clinically accurate, user-friendly mobile app focuses on key uroflow metrics and essential health markers, providing a crucial data pool for users and healthcare providers alike.

From its FDA Class II medical device designation to the endorsement by leading urologists, proudP promises a dependable and secure solution for monitoring and managing prostate and urinary health. Its user-friendly interface coupled with stringent data privacy measures, guarantees that users can confidently navigate their health journey with proudP.

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