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Secure AI for teams: emphasizing compliance & social collaboration.

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Updated on 5/3/2023

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Secure Your Company's Communication and Protect Your Data with Suzan, An Advanced Chat Solution

Suzan is a secured version of ChatGPT powered by GPT-4, designed to provide companies with a safe and reliable platform for communication. Its key features include:

• Multi-User Chat: Provides a platform for secure communication between team members.

• Secured API Endpoints: Utilizes industry-standard security protocols to protect sensitive company data.

• Pre-Compliance to EU AI Act: Complies with EU AI Act to ensure secure and ethical use of AI technologies.

The advantages of using Suzan include its ability to protect a company's data, detect inappropriate or unethical behaviors, and provide a secure platform for communication while being compliant with the EU AI Act.

Use Cases for Suzan include:

• Secure Communication Between Team Members: Use Suzan to ensure communication between team members remains secure and confidential.

• Protection of Sensitive Company Data: Use Suzan to prevent data loss, unauthorized access, and promote a safe and secure communication platform.

• Detection and Reporting of Inappropriate or Unethical Behaviors: Use Suzan to detect and report any inappropriate or unethical behaviors of team members, providing a safe and secure working environment.

Overall, Suzan is a powerful tool for companies looking to secure their communication and protect their data. With its advanced features and compliance with EU AI Act, users can trust Suzan to offer them a secure and reliable platform for communication.

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