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Dumm-E: Provides Wrong Answers for Everything you Need.

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Updated on 4/24/2023

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Introducing Dumm-E, the world's most intentionally unintelligent chatbot. Please note that you should never rely on Dumm-E for actual answers, as caution is advised.

Our key features include a humorous approach to AI chatbot technology, offering a light-hearted and entertaining twist on traditional chatbots. Our unique concept provides a reverse-AI experience, giving users a break from sophisticated AI systems.

Engage in amusing conversations with Dumm-E, providing an entertaining and engaging way to interact with a "dumb" AI. Our platform is perfect for those looking to unwind and enjoy a refreshing change from advanced AI chatbots.

Overall, Dumm-E adds a touch of humor to your day, providing a fun and entertaining way to engage with an intentionally "dumb" AI. Join us today and experience the unique and amusing world of Dumm-E.

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