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Siwalu is a comprehensive trio of AI-based mobile apps meant for recognizing and identifying dogs, cats, and horses.

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Updated on 7/26/2023

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Siwalu revolutionizes the way animal identification is done through its sophisticated AI-based image recognition platform. This unique tool provides mobile solutions for understanding and identifying various animal species, divided into three specialized applications, namely: Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and Horse Scanner. Leveraging powerful AI technology, these apps offer precise and swift identification of numerous animal breeds.

Key Features

AI-powered Image Recognition: Harnessing the capability of groundbreaking AI algorithms, Siwalu delivers lightning-fast and accurate identifications of different animal breeds.

Three Specialized Apps: Siwalu features three individual applications – Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and Horse Scanner. Each of these caters to different animal enthusiasts, providing comprehensive breed information and identifications.

Social Feed Feature: Siwalu encourages user engagement and content sharing with a built-in social feed feature, fostering a lively and interactive community of users.

Partnership with Snapchat: Integrated with Snapchat's interface, Siwalu facilitates dog breed identifications directly from the Snapchat Camera for easy and instant results.

Promotes Biodiversity Knowledge: Siwalu seeks to empower its users with enriched understanding and appreciation of global animal biodiversity, contributing to wildlife preservation and respect.

Use Cases

Pet Owners: Siwalu assists pet owners in swiftly and accurately identifying their pets' breeds, including the characteristic traits of mixed breeds.

Animal Enthusiasts: It provides a platform for animal enthusiasts to explore and understand various animal breeds, broadening their knowledge spectrum on biodiversity.

Educators and Researchers: The platform poses as an instrumental tool for educational and research purposes, aiding in in-depth studies and surveys on different animal species.

In sum, Siwalu's AI-driven image recognition platform serves as a vital asset for pet owners, animal enthusiasts, educators, and researchers, helping them explore the diverse world of animal species. Its user-friendly applications, comprehensive breed database, and community-oriented social feature make Siwalu a go-to solution to heighten the understanding and admiration of global biodiversity.

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