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Question Maker AI, a tool designed to create questions using advanced artificial intelligence.

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Updated on 6/25/2023

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Question Maker AI is a state-of-the-art tool designed to make the process of generating question papers less tedious and more efficient. With its use of advanced AI algorithms, the application can intelligently create questions from either scanned or typed text, saving users a significant amount of time and effort.

The technology of Question Maker AI presents the produced questions in an adjustable question paper layout, allowing users to manipulate and organize the document to suit their needs. This flexibility extends to the app's input functions, with users having the option to either scan text directly from an existing document or manually type the content they want to use for their questions.

One of the most impressive aspects of Question Maker AI is its offline functionality, allowing users to create and edit question papers at any time and from any place. This feature, combined with the ability to save and merge question papers within the application, supports the creation of varied and comprehensive tests or assessments.

Additionally, the app supports shuffling questions, enabling creation of multiple sets of question papers, each with a different question order. And with its sharing function, users can distribute their question papers to students, colleagues, or anyone else who might need them, with or without answers included.

Question Maker AI has a wide range of uses and can make a significant difference for teachers, students, tutors, coaching centers, and even content creators. It can aid educators and tutors in generating tests rapidly and efficiently and assist students in preparing for their assessments. Similarly, it can streamline the content creation process for creators in the education field.

In essence, Question Maker AI is a revolutionary tool that employs AI technology to simplify the task of creating question papers from scanned or typed text.

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