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Updated on 4/6/2023

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  • A data tool that provides answers and assistance for a wide range of tasks, including metrics visualization, keyword searching, and recommendations for product, platform, and ad strategies.

Key Features:

  • Fetches What You Need: AskMetric understands what data you need and only fetches the relevant information, making it easier to get the needed data.

  • Visualization: It draws the data metric for any specific ask, making it easy to visualize and export for further usage.

  • Market Insights: AskMetric provides effective market tactics by revealing product metrics and generating the most effective tactics for e-commerce platforms, including social media, marketplace, and DTC.

  • Competitor Tracking: AskMetric allows users to track core metrics of their competitors in real-time, enabling them to keep up with changing strategies and move fast to perform competitive actions.

Use Cases:

AskMetric is ideal for various types of users, such as:

  • Data Analysts: who need a tool to help them easily visualize and understand data trends and metrics.

  • Business Owners: who want to understand their market better and receive effective product metrics and market tactics.

  • Marketers: who need insights into competitor strategies to remain competitive in their respective industries.

Overall, AskMetric is a comprehensive data tool that provides answers and assistance for a variety of tasks, including metrics visualization, market insights, and competitor tracking. With its ability to understand what data is needed, visualization features, and real-time tracking, AskMetric is a valuable asset for any business or individual seeking to make informed data-driven decisions.

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