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SlickGPT, a user-friendly web client for the OpenAI API, crafted with Svelte for seamless API key integration.

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Updated on 6/1/2023

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SlickGPT is a powerful and versatile web client designed for users who seek to interact with the OpenAI API and GPT-4. It boasts an elegant user interface, mobile responsiveness, local history storage capabilities, and ease of use, making it an attractive choice for various users. Key features include message editing and deletion, auto-suggested chat titles, chat sharing without authentication, context setting, cost calculation, full configuration control, and no registration or login requirements.

For individuals and teams looking for a lightweight, self-hostable web client that integrates with GPT-4, SlickGPT is an ideal solution. Whether users focus on maintaining privacy and control over their data, fine-tuning AI responses, customizing OpenAI model settings, or simply enjoying a visually appealing and clean chat interface, SlickGPT offers it all. Its flexibility in hosting options and registration-free access make it an even more appealing choice for developers and tech enthusiasts who want a reliable and adaptable web client for the OpenAI API.

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