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ReliableGPT is a tool designed to minimize OpenAI errors while enhancing the functionality of your Language Model applications in production.

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Updated on 7/8/2023

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ReliableGPT thrives to be a robust utility precisely programmed for guaranteeing zero uncompleted requests when running your Language Model (LLM) application in a production setup. It accesses a vast array of error management tactics such as reprocessing with alternate models, larger context window models, semantic similarity-based cached solutions, and fallback API keys to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Key Features

Alternate Model Retry: An effective system that reattempts processing failed requests utilizing different models like GPT-4, GPT3.5, GPT3.5 16k, or text-davinci-003.

Larger Context Window Models: A unique feature that reiterates requests with more extensive context window models explicitly designed to resolve Context Window Errors.

Semantic Similarity-based Cached Response: A smart provision of cached responses based on semantic similarity to proficiently handle glitches.

Fallback API Key Retry: A failsafe feature that reprocesses requests with an alternate API key, effectively managing 'Invalid API Key' errors.

Switch between Azure OpenAI and raw OpenAI: A flexible option to seamlessly transition from Azure OpenAI to raw OpenAI according to your specific needs.

Caching for Overloaded Servers: A judiciously planned server caching mechanism to smoothly handle inflated server loads.

Rotated Key Handling: An effective solution to tackle key rotations disrupting service operations.

Use Cases

Production Environment Stability: A reliable tool ensuring consistent, seamless service and zero dropped requests for your LLM application running in a production environment.

Error Handling: Comprehensive solution to errors, offering alternative strategies to minimize disruption.

Smooth API Integration: The tool offers seamless integration with OpenAI API while skillfully managing potential errors and challenges.

ReliableGPT stands as a potent solution to ensure a flawless, interruption-free LLM application running in production.

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