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Khroma is a specialized tool for designers, offering a range of personalized color palettes and combinations for creative projects.

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Updated on 7/27/2023

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Khroma is a pioneering AI-based color tool explicitly crafted for designers to facilitate their color selection journey. This groundbreaking tool allows designers to rapidly identify and store color combinations and palettes that mirror their taste. Featuring Khroma's customized algorithm, users can unlock an infinite spectrum of color palettes, all conveniently embedded into their web browser.

Key Features

AI-Propelled Color Combinations: Khroma produces infinite color palettes modeled after users' color choices.

Customized Algorithm: Users have the permission to coach Khroma's artificial neural network to fine-tune color options.

Enormous Color Combinations: Users can visualize color combinations as typography, gradients, palettes, or personalized graphics.

In-depth Search and Filtering: Users can explore and segregate colors using varying criteria, inclusive of hex and RGB indices.

Save to Library: Users can archive favored color palettes into an unlimited library replete with detailed data.

Use Cases

Color Selection for Design Projects: Khroma simplifies the color selection process for design projects.

Customized Palettes: Designers can explore AI-generated palettes stylistically adapted to their taste.

Inspiration and Systematization: Khroma functions as a hub for inspiration and facilitates a meticulously organized archive of color palettes.

Khroma stands as an invaluable tool for designers yearning for a smooth and individualized color palette creation adventure. Whether shaping a brand identity or curating a visual project, Khroma's AI-empowered features render it an essential instrument for designers seeking efficient and versatile color choices.

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