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Elto is a revolutionary tool set to elevate the process of cold calling and boost the effectiveness of the sales funnel.

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Updated on 7/9/2023

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An innovative AI-powered tool, Elto, is revolutionizing the sales process by enabling users to optimize their cold calling routines and heighten sales funnel efficiency. Facilitating multi-line dialing, smart call routing, seamless CRM integration, and intelligent detection of voicemails and pickups, Elto provides an all-encompassing sales solution.

Key Features

Parallel Dialing: Amp up the call volume by simultaneously dialing numerous numbers, reaching potential prospects at an expedited rate.

Intelligent Call Routing: Ensure no call goes unanswered. Elto smartly directs answered calls to available Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), ensuring minimal lag on customer response time.

Automatic Voicemail and Pickup Detection: Using innovative methods to save your time and concentrate your efforts, Elto can automatically identify when a call has been picked up or directed to a voicemail system.

Seamless CRM and SEP Integration: Benefit from uninterrupted workflow and streamlined sales management, as Elto integrates harmoniously with pre-existing CRM systems and Sales Engagement Platforms.

Proprietary Models for Optimal Detection: Leverage sophisticated AI models to enhance the precision in identifying pickups and voicemails, ensuring no prospect is faced with an unattended line.

Flexible Plans and Pricing: Elto takes into account individual user needs and possible scalability issues by providing a range of plan and price options.

Use Cases

Optimize the cold call process: For sales teams and professionals looking to increase their reach and call volumes, Elto serves as the perfect ally.

Prompt Response Systems: SDRs can minimize customer waiting time, providing prompt and personalized responses facilitated by Elto's intelligent call routing mechanism.

Streamlined CRM and SEP integration: Elto is a boon for organizations on the lookout for seamless integration of their pre-existing CRM and Sales Engagement Platforms.

Enhanced Efficiency: Regardless of the size of sales teams, be they individual professionals or large-scale enterprise operations, Elto helps maximize productivity and boost sales funnel efficiency.

By facilitating powerful AI-enabled tools designed to streamline the cold calling process and boost sales funnel efficiency, Elto equips sales professionals with the means to achieve their targets effortlessly and effectively.

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