[2024] Charley.ai Review:
Fails to Impress in Essay Writing

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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

Are you wrestling with the challenges of academic writing? Ever dreamed of a magical AI tool that could produce unique essays and ideas for you in an instant?

Charley.ai portrays itself as that very solution, boasting AI-assisted services for writing essays. It promises a unique essay and idea generator, as well as rapid content production.

Regrettably, my experience with Charley.ai fell short of its glowing promises. In this critique, I'll be giving you the full lowdown on Charley AI. This includes its key features, cost, advantages, disadvantages, and even its competition.

I'll also share my personal encounter with Charley.ai, focusing on its weak points and the misleading tactics of this self-proclaimed AI maestro of essay writing.

What exactly is Charley.ai?

Charley.ai Homepage

Simply put, it's a tool that uses artificial intelligence to write essays. Charley.ai promises to take care of all your writing needs. Just provide your topic, and Charley.ai is supposed to generate engaging essays as lengthy as 15,000 words, customized to your specified style, tone, word count, and academic level.

The tool also asserts to possess a database comprising millions of academic papers, journals, and research articles, using these resources to create personalized content for its users.

Upon my experiment, however, Charley.ai appears to underdeliver on its grand promises. The content it produces lacks substance and continuity, often resulting in generic and superficial essays that fail to meet academic writing standards. Additionally, the risk of producing plagiarized content is disconcertingly high.

How Does Charley.ai Work?

Charley.ai uses the capabilities of GPT-3 and uses custom data to generate academic content. 

However, its AI algorithms seem to face constraints in generating logically coherent and academically robust essays. The tool's lack of contextual understanding and its inability to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources limit its effectiveness in consistently delivering high-quality content.

Why Charley.ai Left Me Disappointed

Charley.ai advertises a slew of attractive features, such as a unique essay generator, plagiarism-free content, a solution to writer's block with an idea generator, and speedy content creation. Regrettably, my experience with this tool was at odds with these advertised claims.

Unreliable Essay Generator

Charley.ai prides itself on an essay generator capable of producing unique essays swiftly. It promises to provide relevant sources and format the essays correctly. Unfortunately, the credibility of the citations and sources provided was often questionable.

Shallow and Incoherent Content

A glaring issue with Charley.ai is its struggle to create cogent and well-structured content. The essays and research papers it produced were frequently shallow, lacking in-depth analysis and meaningful insights. Academic writing demands critical thinking, deep analysis, and a profound understanding of the subject matter, elements that Charley.ai fails to provide.

Limited Customization and Editing Options

While Charley.ai touts an essay editor, the customization and editing options are disappointingly limited. This leaves users grappling with substandard essays that require substantial revisions. Users will likely find themselves investing considerable time and effort to polish the content to meet academic standards, contradicting Charley.ai's claim to reduce the burden of academic writing.

Plagiarism Concerns

Charley.ai asserts to produce plagiarism-free content. However, a deeper inspection revealed that the content generated by the tool was not as unique as promised. There were numerous instances of noticeable text similarities with pre-existing sources. Users relying on Charley.ai could unwittingly submit plagiarized work, thereby jeopardizing their academic integrity.

Ineffective Idea Generation

Charley.ai also touts an idea generator to spur creativity and surmount writer's block. Regrettably, this tool proved lackluster. The ideas it churned out were generic, uninspiring, and lacked depth, novelty, and relevance, falling short of providing meaningful inspiration for academic writing. Users seeking innovative ideas to enrich their work will likely be let down.

Unreliable Speed and Performance

Charley.ai promises to deliver high-quality content rapidly, advertising a turbo-speed writing experience. My experience, however, was marked by frequent delays and slow performance. The promised efficiency and speed were notably absent, rendering the writing process more tedious and time-consuming than initially expected.

Diving Deeper: User Experiences with Charley.ai

For a well-rounded critique, we delve into some vital statistics regarding Charley.ai's performance based on actual user reviews. The figures paint a distressing picture, suggesting that the majority of users were unhappy with Charley.ai's performance in various facets of academic writing.

Let's analyze these reviews across different parameters:


Review %


Content Quality


90% of users expressed dissatisfaction with the content quality generated by Charley.ai.

Plagiarism Concerns


85% of users showed concerns regarding plagiarism when using Charley.ai.

Idea Generation


80% of users felt that the idea generation feature of Charley.ai lacked creativity and originality.

Customer Support


A 95% of users expressed dissatisfaction with the customer support provided by Charley.ai.

Editing Capabilities


90% of users believed that Charley.ai's editing capabilities fell short of their requirements.

To gain deeper insights into user experiences, I have gathered feedback from a number of individuals who have tried Charley.ai. Here are some snippets from their reviews:

This alarming feedback serves as a stark warning for those contemplating using Charley.ai for their academic writing needs.

Charley.ai Review 1

Charley.ai Review 2

Charley.ai Review 3


Should you be on the hunt for alternatives to AI-driven essay writing tools, Writesonic may be a worthy option. 

This AI-assisted writing tool is capable of generating essays, articles, product descriptions, and more. For a deeper dive into Writesonic, check out our Writesonic Review.

What does Charley.ai offer?

Essay Generator

  • Reference Generator

  • In-Text Citations

  • Adaptive Writing Style

Charley.ai Essay Generator

Adaptive and Customizable Essay Creation

Charley.ai provides a dynamic essay creation interface where you can tailor your writing experience to your needs. Select the tone, type of essay, word count, and targeted grade level.

Charley.ai Customizable Essay Creation

Charley.ai choose article type

Charley.ai choose writing tone

Charley.ai choose year level

Charley.ai choose desired grade

Charley.ai description box

User-friendly interface

Charley AI's interface is sleek and easy to navigate, even for novices. Designed with an intuitive approach, clear instructions, and helpful hints guide users through the essay writing journey.

Charley.ai writing interface

Charley.ai writing interface 2

Cloud-based platform

Due to its cloud-based platform, it allows users to access their essays and documents from any location with internet connectivity. This offers the freedom to work on assignments when and where it suits you, without being tied to a particular device or location.

Plagiarism Checker 

Charley.ai incorporates a built-in plagiarism checker. However, a closer examination revealed that the essays generated often include passages strikingly similar to existing works.

Grammar and Style Suggestions

Using NLP techniques, Charley AI can pinpoint potential issues with your writing and provide suggestions to enhance your grammar, style, and syntax.

Price Plan — Too High for What You Get

Charley.ai proposes three pricing plans - Mini, Student, and Ultimate - each offering varied features and word count allowances. However, the cost seems steep, considering the quality of essays produced by Charley.ai.

Monthly Plan

Charley.ai Customizable Monthly Plan

Mini Plan - $8.99/month

  • Suitable for individuals requiring up to 12,000 words per month

  • It includes features like document export and copy/paste functionality.

Student Plan - $13.99/month

  • For students and academics need to write up to 35,000 words per month.

  • It encompasses all features of the Mini Plan, along with 24/7 live chat support for instant assistance with writing inquiries.

Ultimate Plan - $18.99/month

  • For professionals and high-volume writers requiring up to 100,000 words per month.

  • It includes all features of the Student Plan, along with the ability to import rubrics and task sheets (beta).

Yearly Plan

Charley.ai Customizable Yearly Plan


Does Charley.ai yield accurate and reliable information for research papers?

Regrettably, Charley.ai tends to generate out-of-date references and unreliable data, often compelling users to restart their research from the ground up.

Does Charley.ai offer quality customer support?

The consensus among users indicates that Charley.ai's customer support has received widespread criticism for its unresponsiveness and lack of assistance.

Is the content produced by Charley.ai free from plagiarism?

Contrary to its claims, Charley.ai's generated essays frequently contain plagiarized content.

Can I rely on Charley.ai for top-quality, original essays?

Regrettably, you cannot bank on Charley.ai for top-quality, original essays. The tool struggles to deliver well-grounded arguments, logical structure, and coherent writing. Depending on Charley.ai for such critical tasks could likely lead to unsatisfactory academic results.

How can I cancel my Charley.ai subscription?

You can revoke your Charley.AI subscription at any time by reaching out to the legal support team. Email legal@charley.ai or call 0484068606 and request the support team to terminate your plan. Keep in mind, the plan will stay active until the billing cycle concludes.

What precautions should I take when utilizing AI writing tools?

Always carry out your own due diligence and exercise caution when employing any AI writing tool. Double-check the content's uniqueness, ensure proper citations, and rely on trusted sources for academic writing.

Does Charley.ai offer a free trial?

Yes, Charley.ai does provide a free trial. However, upon signing up for the trial, you will be added to a waiting list and might be enticed to buy one of their paid packages while you wait.

What kind of writing tasks can Charley.ai assist with?

Charley.ai can lend a hand with various types of writing tasks, including academic essays, research papers, blog posts, among others.

Can Charley.ai aid in overcoming writer's block?

While Charley.ai's idea generator feature might provide initial inspiration, it often fails to generate truly novel and engaging ideas. It is recommended to explore other resources and research methods to effectively surmount writer's block.

Is Charley.ai suitable for academic research papers?

Given its limitations in creating coherent and academically rigorous essays, Charley.ai is not suggested as the go-to tool for writing academic research papers. Conducting thorough research and applying critical thinking independently is crucial.

Does Charley.ai offer any editing capabilities?

While Charley.ai purports to provide an essay editor, users have reported that its editing capabilities are significantly limited and don't meet their expectations.


As a student, I understand the significance of delivering high-quality essays that adhere to academic standards. Regrettably, Charley.ai did not live up to these expectations. Consequently, I cannot endorse Charley.ai as a reliable tool for academic writing.

While the tool might offer some assistance in idea generation, the resulting essays necessitate substantial editing and reworking to ensure accuracy, coherency, and originality. Relying solely on Charley.ai for academic writing could result in substandard work that falls short of the stringent standards of academia.

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