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Get financial data for your trading/learning: earning call, analyst view, DCF, sales details, insider trading etc.

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Get a wide range of financial data companies to assist your trading / research / learning (financials, earning call transcript, analyst price prediction, DCF, social media sentiments, sales by business / geographic segmentation, insider trading information etc). All data is up-to-date and is retreived from our credible proprietory sources.

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Plugin Functions/Features Of TradingBro

1/financial_ratios/{ticker}getRetrieve financial ratios for a company based on its ticker symbol
2/stock_news/{ticker}getRetrieve recent stock news for a company based on its ticker symbol
3/earning_call_transcript/{ticker}getRetrieve recent quater earning call transcript
4/analyst_target_price/{ticker}getRetrieve analyst target price for a company based on its ticker symbol
5/insider_trading/{ticker}getRetrieve recent trading activities of insiders in the company (e.g. whether employees like senior engieers at a company sell/buy their company's stock)
6/esg_score/{ticker}getRetrieve recent ESG score of a company (i.e score on how much a company cares about environment, social, and governance)
7/SEC_Filling/{ticker}getRetrieve recent SEC filling of a company, it only returns the link to the filling
8/revenue_product_segmentation_annually/{ticker}getRetrieve company revenue segmentation by product annually
9/sales_revenue_by_product_segement_quarterly/{ticker}getRetrieve company revenue segmentation by product quarterly
10/sales_revenue_by_geographic_segmentation_annually/{ticker}getRetrieve company revenue segmentation by geographic annually
11/sales_revenue_by_geographic_segmentation_quarterly/{ticker}getRetrieve company revenue segmentation by geographic quarterly
12/social_media_sentiments/{ticker}getRetrieve social media sentiments of a company (including twitter, stocktwits, etc.)
13/company_profile/{ticker}getRetrieve company profile (e.g. company description, industry, price, beta, ceo, employee number, address, contact, logo etc.)
14/company_executives/{ticker}getRetrieve company executives (e.g. CEO, CFO, CTO, etc.)
15/company_quote/{ticker}getRetrieve company quote (e.g. price, market cap, enterprise value, volume, avg volume, etc.)
16/company_dcf/{ticker}getRetrieve company DCF result (e.g. this one only gvies result ro retrieve the DCF, cash flow and wacc details use the endpoint detailed_DCF_projection_including_wacc_data)
17/detailed_dcf_projection_including_wacc_data/{ticker}getRetrieve company DCF details (e.g. DCF projection, free cash flow, wacc, etc.)
18/income_statement_quarter/{ticker}getRetrieve company Income Statement quarterly (e.g. revenue, gross profit, net income, etc.)
19/balance_sheet_quarter/{ticker}getRetrieve company Balance Sheet quarterly (e.g. cash, debt, assets, liabilities, etc.)
20/cash_flow_quarter/{ticker}getRetrieve company cash flow quarterly (e.g. operating cash flow, investing cash flow, financing cash flow, etc.)
21/analyst_company/{company_name}getRetrieve company target price by analyst company (e.g. target price, exlaination, article url, time, etc.)

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