2024 Quillbot AI Review:
6 Features, How to Use, Pros & Cons

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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

With the wide use of AI, there's an increasing need to rephrase a lot of content to make it sound more human. And that's kind of where Quillbot, the AI paraphrasing tool, is stepping in.

Does Quillbot really deliver on its promises? In this review, I'm going to dig into what Quillbot is all about, how it functions, and what it can do. Let's jump right in and uncover everything there is to know about Quillbot.

What Is Quillbot?

QuillBot is a top-notch paraphrasing tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to rewrite and enhance sentences, paragraphs, and articles. It can be considered a cost-effective AI writing assistant that restructures your content to improve its quality.

But that's not all. Except for the amazing paraphrasing function, Quillbot proudly offers the following features:

  • A paraphrasing tool
  • A grammar checker
  • A plagiarism detector
  • The co-writer
  • A summarizer
  • A citation creator

Thanks to its in-built features, there's no need to invest in multiple tools. With Quillbot, you have everything you need in one convenient location!

6 Features of Quillbot

1. The Paraphrasing Tool

Essentially, the paraphrasing or rephrasing tool modifies the sentence structure of your text, substitutes a few words, and voila: you get a "new" piece of text while keeping some original meaning.

This can be handy if you're looking to dodge plagiarism checkers if that's a concern for you.

According to my test, it does a pretty good job of paraphrasing for short paragraphs. But sometimes, there are a few sentences that may not look clear and require you to manually edit and adjust.

For example, I have pasted the text that I want to let Quillbot do the paraphrasing task for me.

Click Paraphrase to Let Quillbot Do the Paraphrasing

Click Paraphrase to Let Quillbot Do the Paraphrasing

The Standard Paraphrasing Result from Quillbot

The Standard Paraphrasing Result

Pretty much all it does is give you a lot of good synonyms and try to rephrase some verbs. You can actually click on each of these little underlined sections. And it will give you different options from which you can choose to make it more suitable for you.

Adjust the Paraphrasing Result on Quillbot
Adjust the Paraphrasing Result

Up at the top, you can see the tool comes with seven "paraphrasing modes" you can choose from (two in the free version - Standard and Fluency), which allow you to adjust the results flexibly. These include:

  • Standard: Strikes a balance between paraphrasing the original and preserving its meaning.
  • Formal: Reframes ideas in a more elegant and professional manner.
  • Creative: Rephrases text with the highest level of creativity and innovation.
  • Shorten: Delivers the text's meaning with brevity and clarity.
  • Fluency: Enhances language use and corrects grammatical errors.
  • Simple: Renders text in a manner that's easily understandable to most people.
  • Expand: Enriches and lengthens the text with more details and depth.
 Quillbot Fluency Mode

Fluency Mode

Only for Quillbot Premium Users

Only for Premium Users

2. The Grammar Checker

Quillbot's grammar checker is compatible with American, British, and Australian English. It's accessible through the web app and as a browser extension, allowing you to correct grammar errors in other online platforms, such as your email or social media apps.

For example, I tried out the tool by pasting the text here. It is going to show you the different underlined sections and gives you some suggestions there.

 Quillbot Grammar Checker
The Grammar Checker

It successfully identified spelling errors and missing apostrophes, catching more grammatical mistakes than a conventional grammar checker like Microsoft Word.

However, Quillbot's grammar checker doesn't provide the same level of context for grammatical errors as Grammarly does.

3. The Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot's plagiarism checker is particularly beneficial for academics and essay writers. You can simply paste or upload an essay into the checker, which then takes a few minutes to scan the document. Following this, Quillbot generates a report indicating whether the writer has unintentionally (or intentionally!) plagiarized.

I tested this by uploading text from a published academic paper into Quillbot. The tool evaluated the paper and highlighted sections of potential plagiarism. Upon clicking the links, I was directed to the ResearchGate PDF where the original paper was located. This is a feature not typically found in other plagiarism checkers like Grammarly, which usually don't scan research papers or PDFs.

I also ran several articles from this site through the checker. I was impressed to see that Quillbot identified the source URLs and pointed out a few instances where other publishers had posted strikingly similar content.

The plagiarism checker charges you on a per-page basis. The first 20 pages, or roughly 5,000 words, are included in a monthly subscription. Beyond that, additional pages need to be purchased. However, you can access previous plagiarism scans at any time without incurring extra costs.

4. The Co-writer

The Co-writer serves as both a research and writing tool. It can be used for research, note-taking, and sentence auto-completion.

The co-writer produces content based on the input you provide. This feature, accessible to premium users, aims to assist you in quickly writing and finishing research papers.

For example, let's test the research feautre. I input "Benefits of doing yoga in the morning" in the search box.

Research Feautre of QuillBot Co-writer
Research Feautre of The Co-writer

QuillBot then displays some web search results, and you can pick your favorites to get content.

QuillBot Displays Some Web Search Results

QuillBot Displays Some Web Search Results

Then copy and paste the content you want into the text editor.

By combing the co-writer with other tools like the paraphraser, you can enjoy a more smooth and more integrated writing experience.

Enjoy Smooth and Integrated Writing Experience with QuillBot
Enjoy Smooth and Integrated Writing Experience

But it won't actually generate the text for you. It's the suggested text feature, it will complete a sentence and give you some options, but it doesn't actually generate a whole article for you.

5. The Summarizer

The Summarizer is another AI-driven feature that Quillbot offers to condense articles, papers, or other documents into their essential points. It can be used to:

  • help streamline the summarization process for creating annotated bibliographies
  • Draft the initial version of an essay abstract
  • Generate an article summary for an email newsletter
  • Create an SEO summary or meta description for a blog post, article, or webpage
  • Convert a book extract into a more concise entry

For example, I tested this by inputting an article that was over 1,191 words long. The tool effectively summarized the article into 269 words. Basically, it extracts the most critical phrases from my text but still requires minimal editing on my part.

You can also adjust the summary length using a slider. If you do adjust, just click the Re-summarize to update.

Quillbot Summarizer
The Summarizer

This can be done in two ways:

  • Identify key sentences: This mode allows you to summarize the significant points from your text in a bullet-point format.
  • Create a summarizing paragraph: This mode lets you condense content into a paragraph form.

Note: The summarizer has a limit of 1200 words for the free version and 6000 words for the premium version

6. Citation Generator

This feature facilitates the reference sources in your writing, making it simpler for students, writers, and academics to create citations that include a book title or a link.

All you have to do is input a link, and this tool will collect all the necessary information to form your citation, such as the title, publication date, and author's name.

Quillbot Citation Generator
Citation Generator

If the generator is unable to find the requested information, it prompts you to input more details manually.

Quillbot Prompts You to Input More Details Manually

Prompt You to Input More Details Manually

To allow Quillbot to generate the citation in your desired format, you need to save the citation. This feature accommodates several citation styles, including APA, Chicago, and MLA.

Quillbot Accomodates Several Citation Styles
Quillbot Accomodates Several Citation Styles

Additionally, you can create multiple citations, copy the results, and even export all the citations to download them as an MS Word document.

Luckily, you don't need a Quillbot premium account to use the citation generator. It's available for free.

Things I Liked about Quillbot

  • Generous free account usage: I was genuinely taken aback by the amount I could accomplish without spending a penny. It's rare to find AI writing tools that allow you to paraphrase or summarize content for free.
  • User-friendly interface: Once you start exploring Quillbot, you'll find it remarkably user-friendly. I had no issues understanding how to navigate the platform or use the tools.
  • Numerous useful features ( especially for academia): With its six main features, Quillbot is a comprehensive writing tool that could be user-friendly for academia like students, professors, and sort of folks.
  • Cost-effective: Even the premium version of Quillbot is quite affordable. The fact that you can access all its services for less than $10 a month with an annual plan is quite extraordinary in the AI tool space. Plus, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee within a 72-hour period.
  • Availability of extensions: Quillbot offers extensions for MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome. All you need to do is click on the little icon. And it will take you through how to add it as an extension and walk you through the download process.
  • Availability of Quillbot Extensions
    Availability of Extensions
  • Note-taking feature: Quillbot allows you to take notes on articles found in the research section.
  • Customizable text tone: You have the ability to adjust the tone of your text to suit your requirements and brand voice.
  • Hard to pass the AI detector: Even if I use the creative mode on my particular text, it still doesn't make it different enough to pass an AI detector

Things I Didn't Like about Quillbot

  • Lack of a comprehensive grammar checker: It would be better if Quillbot had more detailed reports and insights about the grammar it checks.
  • Word restrictions, even with premium: Purchasing the premium version increases the word limit for the Quillbot summarizer tool and other services, but a limit still exists.
  • Tools like the plagiarism checker only allow 20 pages per month before additional charges apply. While running a plagiarism checker can be costly, the lack of an unlimited access option is very disappointing.

  • Limited writing modes for free accounts: Only two writing modes ( Standard and Fluency) are available for free accounts. The rest of the tools requires a Premium upgrade.
  • Absence of GPT-3 AI free writing like Jasper AI: Quillbot doesn't offer GPT-3 AI free writing like Jasper AI.
  • Need for manual assistance: Sometimes, the result doesn't meet your paraphrasing standards. So manual help is required.

My Take

Quillbot is a remarkable tool packed with six innovative features for anyone seeking a trustworthy paraphrasing solution.

What I appreciate is that it doesn't just spin words around. It reshapes the text to form a new structure and paraphrases the content to create something new without losing the original intent.

However, even with Quillbot Premium, it doesn't quite match the content quality produced by Google or other tools like Jasper AI. There's still room for it to improve its machine-learning capabilities

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