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3 Key Features, How-to Guide, Pros & Cons

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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

Novel AI is a powerful AI story generator tool that helps produce high-quality literature such as unique stories, thrilling tales, and seductive romances using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The tool can also create AI-generated images, using text-to-image AI art to complement stories with illustrated characters.

So, how powerful is this tool? Is it worth the investment? Let's find out with this detailed Novel AI review.

What can Novel AI offer?

Anyone with a passion for creative writing can find use in Novel AI. Novel AI can provide the following:

  • Idea Generation: Novel AI helps writers create fresh story ideas, compelling characters, and plots from scratch. It is an invaluable tool for brainstorming and exploring narrative concepts.
  • Writing Assistance: Novel AI is a great helper for those stuck in a creative rut. It generates dialogue, storylines, and descriptions that inspire and drive the writing process.
  • Editing and Revisions: In addition to creating the first draft, Novel AI offers techniques for improving the storyline, character development, and story pacing. It supports writers during the editing and revision stages, ensuring their work is of the highest quality.
  • Image Generation: Alongside writing assistance, Novel AI offers an image generation feature. With text input, users can conceive and visualize fantasy-inspired artwork, amplifying the visual impact of their stories or other creative projects.

3 Main Features of Novel AI

Feature 1: Storyteller

The main feature of Novel AI is the Storyteller mode. Basically, Storyteller mode is like a blank page where you can start typing. Here, you give basic details, and the AI writes your story bit by bit. This mode produces original and creative content, allowing you to easily edit and remake as needed.

Steps to Use Novel AI Storytelling Mode:

Step 1: Click on "+ New Story"

Novel AI Click on New Story
Click on New Story

Step 2: Choose the "Storyteller" mode

Novel AI Storyteller Mode
Storyteller Mode

Step 3: Type Text in the Prompt

This is where the fun begins. Enter a sentence or paragraph in the text prompt and press "Send" . Then, the AI-generated text appears, filling in the blanks in your writing style.

Novel AI Enter Your Prompt
Type Text

Step 4: Press "Retry" if you are not satisfied with the result

Nonetheless, if the subject or genre isn't what you're looking for, a "Retry" button will help you out, offering alternative AI suggestions.

Novel AI Press Retry
Press Retry

Additionally, you can click the Setting icon and are free to tweak Novel AI's settings to manage how it generates ideas, the tone it uses, the type, and more.

Novel AI Settings
Novel AI Settings

Basic Novel AI Settings

The basic setup of Novel AI is simple. It enables you to choose from various AI models, AI modules, and more. Customizing these settings depends on the unique setting and story you are working on.

A basic feature is "Memory," where you give the AI basic context to remember as it keeps crafting stories. This feature helps the AI stay consistent and recall key elements such as character details, goals, etc.

Basic Novel AI Settings
Basic Novel AI Settings

Novel AI Advanced Settings

You might be a little overwhelmed if you're new to the Advanced Settings of Novel AI. However, with these advanced settings well understood and mastered, the performance of Novel AI can greatly exceed its default settings. , visit their website.

Novel AI Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

My Take: Novel AI works best when you start generating ideas from scratch or with an open mind. If you've charted a specific direction for your story, it can be difficult to direct the tool on that specific path.

While you can keep trying to "Retry the storytelling," the AI can struggle to stay on the same path. Sometimes the tool doesn't understand the context and sometimes gives nonsensical output.

Feature 2: Text Adventure

The Text Adventure mode in Novel AI is an imaginative text game. In this mode, you can create your own interactive text-based games. You first generate the character and the scene and then give instructions to the character using commands such as DO, SAY, and STORY. The AI uses its creativity to play the game based on your input, bringing the game to life.

Step 1: Click on "+ New Story"

Novel AI Text Advanture New Story
Text Advanture New Story

Step 2: Choose the "Text Adventure" Mode

Choose Text Advanture New Mode on Novel AI
Choose Text Advanture New Mode

Step3: Enter your prompt

You can use it in almost the same way as Storytelling Mode. You can write a few words as prompts and press Send. If you are not satisfied with the output, you can simply click "Retry" to get a different response.

Novel AI Enter Your Prompt
Enter Your Prompt

Text Adventure is a great tool for fiction writers to develop storylines that can later be used in comics, short stories, or novels. The best part is that the mode is free to try, allowing you to experience the fun of creating your own text adventure game!

Feature 3: AI Image Generation

The Novel AI can also generate AI-based images. These engaging images can enrich your narratives and breathe life into them. The text-to-image function lets you create illustrations for your story, be it in anime, comic, or web novel style.

All it takes is for you to input some descriptive text, and the Novel AI will produce unique images that align beautifully with your narrative. What's more, Novel AI offers you the ability to adjust the parameters of images, allowing for even more customization.

However, this image generation feature isn't available for free. To utilize this mode, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan, with prices starting from $10 a month.

How to Generate AI Images with Novel AI:

Step 1: Choose "Generate Images"

Go to the Novel AI Dashboard and click on "Generate Images". If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one because you must agree to their terms and conditions before using this feature. You can opt for a free trial during the sign-up, so you won't have any immediate charges.

Novel AI Generate Images
Generate Images

Once you've signed up and clicked on "Generate Images", scroll to the bottom of the Conditions, press "agree with these terms", and then hit "Accept".

Agree with Novel AI Terms
Agree with these Terms

Step 2: Instruct Novel AI with a Word or Phrase

Note: Before you proceed with this step, remember that you need a paid account to create images. You can either subscribe to a plan or use a Gift Key.

Once you have a paid account, you can continue with this step. Just type the description into the text prompt, and then press "Generate". You'll get a selection of AI-generated images related to your input.

Instruct Novel AI with A Word
Instruct Novel AI with A Word

Step 3: Download Your AI-Made Image

Be sure to save any AI-generated images you like, as they won't be saved on Novel AI's servers after your session ends.

If you're not satisfied with the AI-generated image, simply repeat the process.

You can also adjust various settings, including image resolution, number of images, content preferences, scale, steps, sampling setting, and NAI Diffusion settings until you get your desired output.

Things I Like about Novel AI

  • The free version provides a chance to try out AI story creation and participate in text adventure games.
  • Novel AI can adapt to your writing style over time. It can also mimic the styles of renowned authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Jules Verne. You can instruct the AI to generate content in any theme you want, making the potential limitless.
  • Novel AI features a fully customizable text editor that allows adjustments to colors, fonts, text sizes, and themes. This ensures comfortable usage without eye strain.
  • Novel AI uses XSalsa20 Encryption on its servers and editor to safeguard your work from theft.
  • Novel AI serves as a digital illustrator, enabling authors to produce AI-generated images for their writings. This is particularly useful for graphic novels and comic books.
  • It's simple to use Novel AI. You only need to provide some input, and it generates creative results.

Things I Don't Like about Novel AI

  • The free trial has certain restrictions. The Image Generation mode is part of a paid plan.
  • There's no option to generate a complete story in one go. NovelAI creates stories bit by bit, which could be seen as positive or negative depending on personal preference.
  • The user interface is a bit cumbersome. The tool doesn't provide enough guidance or tips on how to use its features.
  • Sometimes, AI-generated ideas can feel mechanical and irrelevant, and they might not make sense.
  • Their top AI storyteller, Krake, is only available for their most expensive plan.
  • Novel AI doesn't offer a money-back guarantee, which is a feature most AI writing tools provide. So, for instance, you have to pay a minimum of $10 to create one image.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Novel AI will be especially beneficial for writers aiming to create compelling stories, novels, and other imaginative content that doesn't have truth as a primary focus.

The Storytelling mode is user-friendly. The tool takes your input into account, and with just a click of the "Send" button, you can get the story. Also, the "Retry" option helps you out if you are not satisfied with the result.

Text Adventure presents an interactive text-based game. You decide on a character, give them instructions, and the AI brings actions to life.

Not to forget, the image generation mode enables you to produce fantastic images that are unique, original, and visually stunning. However, this feature is not free!

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