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How to Use, Brand Voice, Pros & Cons

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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 31/08/2023 6 Min Read

The advent of AI writing tools like Jasper AI is revolutionizing the content creation landscape.

Yes - I have used and tested Jasper AI and wrote a detailed review about it.

In this article, you will learn everything about Jasper AI, including my hands-on experience with Jasper AI, its features, advantages, disadvantages, usability, accuracy, and pricing plans.

What is Jasper?

Jasper AI, an AI-powered writing assistant, is revolutionizing the content creation industry. This robotic writer can produce content five times faster than the average human copywriter.

It can assist you in crafting a wide range of content, from blog posts and social media updates to marketing emails, ad campaigns, fictional stories, video scripts, and more you can think of. The platform also provides pre-written templates for specific categories, further simplifying the content creation process.

Jasper AI can generate 100% original content. Instead of relying on a single source, it collects information from various sources, ensuring zero plagiarism.

Who is Best Suited For Jasper?

Jasper AI is best for any type of content writer, especially those

  • Social media managers and copywriters who need compelling copy
  • Content publishers and bloggers who need original content
  • Marketers who want to increase sales
  • SEO experts who want SEO-optimized content that will float their pages to the top of Google searches
  • Students who may need help in writing essays and assignments
  • Small business owners who can't afford a professional writer.

New Feature: Jasper Brand Voice

Jasper Brand Voice (JBV) helps Jasper sound like you and generate more factual and accurate content. Specifically, Jasper Brand Voice has two core features:

  • Memory: Memory is how you teach Jasper the details of your products & services, audiences, and something unique about your company. This way, Jasper can always write true things by referencing your company's info.
  • Tone & Style: This is where you teach Jasper your brand's tone of voice like, "Helpful, but not bossy." You can make rules about how Jasper writes so it sounds just like you and even uses your favorite words.

How to set up Jasper Brand Voice

  1. Click on "Brand Voice" and then Click "Add voice"
  2. Jasper Click on Brand Voice
    Click on Brand Voice
  3. Jasper can infer your voice from your website, text, or document. Select one of the methods below to get your brand content into Jasper. Now I choose"Enter URL" to let Jasper scan my site.
  4. Enter URL to let Jasper scan my site

    Enter URL to let Jasper scan my site

    Jasper Paste URL

    Paste URL

  5. The following is what Jasper has learned about my voice from the URL provided. You can tell Jasper how you want to modify or rewrite your tone if unsatisfied.
  6. Jasper Modify or Rewrite Your Tone
    Modify or Rewrite Your Tone
  7. If everything is fine, Name this voice and then Click "Create voice"
  8. Jasper Click Create voice
    Click Create voice

How to use Jasper Brand Voice

  1. Let's go to the Templates part and go with the paragraph generator
  2. Go to the Jasper Templates
    Go to the Templates
  3. When you go to the Tone of voice, choose the one just added
  4. Jasper Go to the Tone of Voice
    Go to the Tone of Voice
  5. Let Jasper know what your paragraph is about and the keywords to include. Check the example below
  6. Jasper Paragraph Generator

    Paragraph Generator

Tip: Usually, the quality of the input will dictate the quality of the output. So if you're not getting what you want, probably write a bit more so Jasper can have more context to utilize, or you can go back to revise the tone of voice.

Pros: Here's what I like about Jasper AI

Overall, the software itself is beautifully developed. Here are some specific things I like about Jasper AI.

  • Ease of use: Anyone can easily use it. All you have to do is enter general ideas of what you want to cover, and the AI does the rest. In addition, Jasper AI has a clean user interface with easy-to-navigate icons and sections that are easy to use at a glance.
  • Mastery in Short Copy: Jasper is very good at writing short copy, such as social media posts, SEO meta titles and descriptions, and content that requires character limits.
  • You can use more than 50 templates directly: Also, Creating custom recipes and templates are some of my favorite features of Jasper AI. You can create your own reusable 'recipe' for generating content. This feature adds a layer of personalization to the content creation process.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Moreover, Jasper AI can cater to your content needs in various languages. With proficiency in over 30 languages, here are the languages supported Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified)
  • Collaboration Features: Jasper AI promotes teamwork. It allows you to add team members, each with their unique login credentials. This feature facilitates collaboration on documents, project organization, and seamless switching between workspaces.

Cons: Here's what I don't like about Jasper AI

  • Lack of Human Touch: It's just… not a person. Though you will get content, there won't be any"humanness" or real personality to it, and it will sound a bit cookie-cutter.
  • It can be wrong or inaccurate: Jasper AI's content requires thorough fact-checking and editing. The AI gathers information from the internet but lacks the critical thinking skills to discern accurate information from misinformation. Even AI can make spelling and grammatical mistakes or write ugly sentences. You'll need to edit your copy to make sure it's error-free.
  • Requires Significant Human Input: Jasper AI doesn't provide sources for its information, so you'll need to go through and proofread everything independently. This can be time-consuming and may require as much effort as creating original content, potentially offsetting the cost benefits of using the AI.
  • Limited Flexibility: Sometimes, Jasper AI struggles to interpret and execute your commands accurately. As such, you'll often need to provide specific instructions and put in a lot of work to produce quality content. If you give it incomplete instructions, you won't get any reasonable results. Furthermore, learning which commands work in certain situations takes some time.
  • Cost for Unwanted Content: With Jasper AI, you pay per word, regardless of the quality or relevance of the content. So if Jasper talks about something completely off-topic, you can quickly run out of resources. And if the quality is bad, you'll still be charged.
  • Not all topics are appropriate: Jasper AI does not perform well on technical topics. For example, it can't talk about technical specifications very easily. Similarly, if you write something that doesn't have much information on the Internet yet, Jasper is likely to get stuck because it can't find anything to say.
  • For long-form content, you'll need to opt for the Boss Mode plan.
  • SEO tools or plagiarism checkers are only available through third-party apps, which may require additional subscriptions.

How to Use Jasper?

STEP 1: Selecting the appropriate content template in Jasper AI

Selecting the Appropriate Content Template on Jasper
Selecting the Appropriate Content Template

STEP 2: Feeding relevant information to the template

Feeding Relevant Information to the Jasper Template
Feeding Relevant Information to the Template

After choosing a suitable template, you need to narrow down the specific content and data that needs to be covered in the content. Therefore, you must ask Jasper AI to perform a precise analysis of the topic being written. Note that you must emphasize the word "precise" in order to be taken seriously. Otherwise, Jasper AI may not cover it.

STEP 3: Let the magic happen with Jasper

You just click "Generate AI Content" in Jasper, and bang, you'll have freshly curated 100% original content within 10 seconds like lightning!


With the use of advanced technology, the process of writing is simplified. Hence, if you're looking for a way to optimize your content output, maximize conversions, or spark new ideas, Jasper is the tool you need. Jasper AI is constantly updating with new features.

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