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Written by Michelle Baker
Updated: 31/08/2023 7 Min Read

Engage with an application that boasts Actual Intelligence! Lately, Cleverbot has caught the public's attention. It's an AI-based web application that emulates human dialogues by engaging in conversations with people.

It communicates in a style similar to yours. Express whatever you wish, and it responds. It's like gaining a new friend! Roleplay, song lyrics, jokes, memes - you name it!

In this guide, you'll learn about Cleverbot - what it is, its operational mechanism, and the possibilities it offers. Let's embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Cleverbot!

What is Cleverbot?

Cleverbot is a conversational AI that interacts with you, providing real-time responses to your inputs. It employs an intricate AI algorithm and machine learning methodologies to produce responses mirroring those of actual individuals.

As you converse with this virtual bot, it garners knowledge from previous dialogues and incrementally enhances its capabilities. The Cleverbot is equipped to dissect your input into meaningful segments and comb through its extensive database to fetch relevant responses.

Apart from its web application, Cleverbot is also accessible as an app on iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Cleverbot Homepage
Cleverbot Homepage

A Brief History Of Cleverbot

Cleverbot, a wonderful artificial intelligence project, has a significant history, despite only gaining prominence in recent years.

Its creation is credited to Rollo Carpenter, a British scientist with expertise in developing and studying artificial intelligence systems. Its precursor, Jabberwacky, was introduced in 1997 and later replaced by Cleverbot.

Cleverbot emerged as one of the first AI systems online that facilitated interactive communication, offering non-programmed responses. Its capacity to learn from these conversations has allowed it to progressively become more sophisticated.

Over the years, the program has seen constant enhancements and refinements. Cleverbot's capabilities have grown more refined in recent times, now encompassing features such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and machine learning. As a result, it's now good at understanding complex conversations and responding in ways that are very similar to human interactions.

How does Cleverbot Work?

Cleverbot is not based on pre-programmed responses. It learns from human interactions. Users type in the space below the Cleverbot logo, and the system identifies all key phrases or an exact match to the input.

It scans through its database of stored dialogues and responds by imitating a human's response to a similar query when posed to Cleverbot, either partially or entirely.

Upon typing in the box and clicking "Think About It!", Cleverbot processes your input and replies accordingly. You are not constrained by time during your interaction with Cleverbot.

Cleverbot Click Think About It
Click Think About It

If you select "Think for Me," Cleverbot self-generates a reply to its preceding statement.

Cleverbot Select Think For Me
Select Think For Me

This feature proves beneficial when you find yourself puzzled by Cleverbot's incoherence. By clicking "Thoughts So Far," you are redirected to your past interactions with Cleverbot.

Tip: Visit the "cleverness" tab to appreciate some of Cleverbot's delightful witticisms. The bot maintains a record of its humorous interactions with users.

How Does Cleverbot Distinguish Itself from Other AI Chatbots?

Cleverbot boasts a unique approach among AI chatbots. It operates using an AI algorithm that is incessantly gaining knowledge from its dialogues with humans. This constant learning enables it to comprehend the context of discussions and deliver responses that sound more human. Its capacity to recall prior interactions also enhances its ability to give more individualized responses.

Furthermore, Cleverbot stands out from the crowd with its ability to identify and reply to informal language, humor, and even sarcasm. These attributes enhance its engagement level and make it more realistic.

Potential Usage of Cleverbot

Language Learning

Cleverbot acts as a practice partner for language learners. Conversing with chatbots can help improve vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure skills.

Virtual Assistance

With its ability to comprehend and respond to inquiries, Cleverbot can be an effective virtual assistant. It can supply information, address common questions, and help with basic tasks.

Emotional Support

Certain individuals derive emotional relief from engaging with this chatbot. Cleverbot can offer a sympathetic ear and participate in empathetic dialogues.


Cleverbot can provide a source of fun. Users can indulge in casual chats, participate in text-based games, or even delve into creative writing prompts with the chatbot.

How to Engage With Cleverbot

Step 1: Simply type in a question or statement

To kickstart a conversation with Cleverbot, simply input your message and press enter. The chatbot will deliver a relevant response in natural language based on your input.

Step 2: Ask Questions

Feel free to ask any questions, from common knowledge to personal viewpoints. The greater the number of queries or statements you input, the more refined and precise the AI's reaction will be.

Step 3: Engage in Conversation

Cleverbot flourishes through interaction. By contributing valuable input and immersing in back-and-forth conversation, you can enjoy richer talking with the chatbot.

Tip: There's also an option to adjust the settings to manage the complexity level and the response time of the AI.

Tips for Effective Conversations with Cleverbot

  1. Stay Clear: To ensure accurate comprehension by Cleverbot, use straightforward and brief language.
  2. Patience is Key: Cleverbot's replies might not always hit the mark. Be forgiving, and don't hesitate to clarify or rephrase your query if necessary.
  3. Keep Exploring: Experiment with different conversation styles and subjects to evaluate the bot's comprehension and capabilities. It can be an engaging and enlightening experience.
  4. Respect Boundaries: Despite Cleverbot's attempts to replicate human dialogue, remember that it's an AI. Stay aware of its limitations and refrain from disclosing sensitive personal data.

Pros and Cons of Cleverbot

Pros of Cleverbot

  • Boasts a user-friendly interface with appealing graphics
  • Provides threaded discussions, speech balloons, and animated avatars
  • Preserves the history of chat sessions
  • Permits resumption of past conversations

Cons of Cleverbot

  • Cleverbot's behaviors can occasionally be nonsensical or impolite. It might even utter things you deem improper. Some content might be inappropriate for minors.
  • Indeed, Cleverbot is multilingual. However, its proficiency may differ across languages. It exhibits the best performance in English but can also comprehend and respond in other frequently spoken languages, albeit with possible lower accuracy and fluency.

Understanding the Potential of Cleverbot and AI Chatbots for Businesses

Don't underestimate the value of Cleverbot to your business. It can be deployed to automate customer support, freeing human resources to tackle more intricate tasks.

Cleverbot can also assist in offering tailored suggestions and helping clients discover the products and services they require. Furthermore, Cleverbot can be used to cultivate relationships with customers, contributing to a more personalized customer journey.

What is Cleverbot HD?

Cleverbot HD is a combined application compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch - install it across all your devices.

This application provides a standard chat setting, enabling you to have a dialogue with an AI entity. The AI within the app is represented by a human-like avatar, displaying emotions, which adds to the authenticity of the conversation.

What Is Cleverbot HD
What Is Cleverbot HD

Outstanding Features of Cleverbot HD

  • Cleverbot provides a choice of male and female avatars. You have the flexibility to select the avatar for each chat interaction. These avatars are animated and can often depict usual facial gestures like blinking, grinning, or grimacing
  • The app comprises a simple user interface with a home screen, a page for chat history, and the primary chat stage. The discussions appear in the familiar threaded style adorned with vibrant speech bubbles.
  • The highlight of the app is the smart AI bot. It is fueled by a distinctive artificial intelligence engine that learns from interactions. It offers clever, sharp-witted, and surprising responses.
  • Cleverbot HD archives all chat sessions in a conversation folder. You can allocate a title or a subject to conversations for easy retrieval later. You can revisit a chat session whenever you wish, and your clever bot will recollect the topic.

Funny screenshots from Cleverbot

One of the prevalent internet memes stemming from Cleverbot—excluding the numerous memes now embedded within its database—is that users frequently capture screenshots of their dialogues with Cleverbot and share these snapshots on social media. These images often portray dialogues that are comical, unhinged, strange, sensual, or at times eerily realistic. Buzzfeed labeled Cleverbot as the internet's most amusing robot in 2014.

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Funny Screenshot From Cleverbot

Final Thoughts

Cleverbot serves as an intriguing representation of artificial intelligence's ability to mimic human dialogue.

Whether your purpose is to unwind, seek virtual assistance, or just simply indulge in a relaxing chat, then Cleverbot is the ideal app for you.

When interacting with Cleverbot, it's crucial to bear in mind that Cleverbot is a form of conversational entertainment. It's not designed to be logical, provide advice, or serve a practical purpose. Recognizing the limitations of AI and utilizing it responsibly is vital.

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