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Playbooks, a comprehensive AI-powered tool for customer support solutions.

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Updated on 5/30/2023

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Playbooks by Twig is an invaluable resource, tailored for customer support leaders and individual contributors, offering a diverse range of AI-related materials to enhance their support operations. The platform hosts curated white papers that provide in-depth analysis, research findings, and best practices on AI in customer support. It also features vendor evaluation matrices, allowing users to appraise AI vendors and solutions effectively.

Additionally, Playbooks by Twig encourages engagement and collaboration through its support community Slack threads, fostering knowledge exchange among customer support professionals. To assist in measuring the effectiveness and impact of AI solutions in customer support, the platform provides ROI and analytics insights.

Playbooks by Twig is perfect for those seeking AI resources and insights, including support representatives requiring guidance on best practices. It is also beneficial for organizations looking to evaluate AI vendors and solutions for their customer support needs, as well as professionals interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and research in AI for customer support. Overall, Playbooks by Twig is a comprehensive tool for accessing valuable information and guidance on AI in the realm of customer support.

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