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Loopsie is an AI-powered tool that transforms photos with 3D enhancements, cinematic effects, and comprehensive editing capabilities.

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Updated on 8/24/2023

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Loopsie, coined as a forerunner in the 3D photo era, is an avant-garde multimedia tool designed to revolutionize the way photography is perceived and presented. The application offers a blend of AI-powered enhancements that aim to augment everyday visuals, ensuring they're not just captured memories, but elevated art forms. With its core competency resting in presenting reality with an added dimension, it's more than just an editing app; it's an experience.


1. Realistic 3D Stickers and Effects

Using AI, Loopsie breathes life into your photos, making them pop with realism through its extensive range of 3D stickers and effects.

2. Cinematic Filters and Presets

Why settle for ordinary when you can transform any moment into a cinematic experience? Loopsie's filters ensure that every capture is worthy of the big screen.

3. Advanced Editing Suite

Whether it's adjusting the depth of field, background alterations, or incorporating the dramatic dolly zoom, the app offers an in-depth photo and video editing toolkit for users of all expertise levels.

4. Social Media Integration

Breathe new life into your social media game. Share your creations effortlessly with your audience, showcasing your enhanced visuals.

5. Updated Library of Effects and Stickers

The app is an ever-evolving platform with regular updates, ensuring you're always equipped with the latest in visual effects.

Pros and Cons


Diverse Editing Options: Loopsie's vast range of editing capabilities ensures every image is transformed.

Enhanced Realism: The application’s tools can make still photos spring to life, adding depth and dimension.


Short Free Trial: The app offers just a three-day trial, after which a subscription is mandatory.

Comparability with Free Alternatives: The premium version's offerings might seem similar to what's available on other free platforms.


While Loopsie tantalizes with its features, it's essential to note its accessibility constraints. The app starts as a free trial, giving potential subscribers a taste of its capabilities. But the ephemeral nature of this trial, which lasts only three days, pushes users towards its paid version. Starting at $3.99 per week, with other pricing plans available, it offers full access to all its features, standing competitive with other high-end editing apps in terms of pricing.

Final Thoughts

Loopsie is not just a tool but an experience, bringing forth a 3D era in photography. Powered by AI and designed for those seeking to elevate their visual representation, it stands as a testament to where technology can lead the world of photography. However, like any tool, its value is truly determined by how it's wielded by the user.

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