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Soon is a user-friendly tool designed to automate and simplify cryptocurrency investment through the method of dollar-cost averaging.

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Updated on 7/19/2023

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Soon is an innovative platform at the forefront of the cryptocurrency investing sphere. It leverages the power of automation and embraces the principle of dollar-cost averaging to simplify the complex ecosystem of the digital asset market. By eliminating the requirement for speculative decisions on buying and selling, Soon allows users to comfortably participate in the world of cryptocurrency investment.

Key Features

Automated Crypto Investing: By using the dollar-cost averaging approach, Soon takes the stress and guesswork out of crypto investing, allowing its users to step back from stress-inducing buy-or-sell speculation.

Standard Portfolio: Soon offers a ready-made portfolio, saving users from endless hours of research and evaluation of potential digital assets.

Micro-Opportunity Strategy: It capitalizes on short-term market volatility, making smaller but more frequent gains, and bringing a consistent return on investment.

Transaction Management: Soon's smart system sells from each user's highest gains to cover their transactions, thereby ensuring liquidity is never compromised.

Tax Stash: This platform considers the tax implications of crypto gains and thoughtfully sets aside a part of those gains to handle users' capital gains taxes.

Secure Custody: Under its uncompromising 1 to 1 custody policy, Soon stores all assets within the boundaries of the US, prioritizing robust security for its users.

User-Friendly Interface: Soon's platform is easy to navigate, designed to cater to both advanced investors and beginners.

Compliant and Ethical: Operating under strict observance of relevant regulations, Soon upholds an uncompromising stand on user security, compliance, and ethics.

Use Cases

Soon is the go-to platform for individuals desiring to invest in cryptocurrency without the tension of correctly timing the market.

It benefits users seeking a simplified crypto investing experience through the provision of a standardized portfolio.

It's a boon for investors with the goal of capitalizing on the short-term volatility swings for smaller but regular financial gains.

For anyone seeking an automated solution for transactions, taxes, and asset custody, Soon serves as an ideal platform.

Soon also caters to users who place high importance on aspects of security, regulatory compliance, and ethical business practices.

With its emphasis on facilitating crypto investments with minimal user effort, Soon harnesses strategic and automated methods to drive portfolio growth over time. It stands firm on its commitment to provide a secure, streamlined, fully compliant, and trustworthy solution for cryptocurrency investing, making the entire process an effortless and rewarding journey for its users.

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