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Inbenta is an innovative AI platform designed to enhance customer interaction by providing exceptional conversational experiences.

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Updated on 7/27/2023

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Inbenta is a sophisticated 4-in-1 AI platform that boasts functionality in creating conversational AI, managing chatbots, administrating search engines, and much more. The tool provides businesses with an incredibly simple way to establish powerful conversational experiences with both customers and employees. This platform derives its high-grade performance from Neuro-Symbolic AI, therefore eliminating the need for meticulous training. This unique capability allows for flawless interaction across an array of channels.

Key Features

Chatbot: Enables businesses to captivate potential clients and existing customers on any channel with individually tailored answers available 24/7.

Knowledge: Facilitates users in providing pertinent answers, empowering customers to self-resolve their queries with a comprehensive FAQ system and a highly efficient search methodology.

Messenger: Assists clients in managing their transactions and completing tasks easily with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Search: Boosts conversion rates and Net Promoter Score (NPS) by effectively guiding customers throughout their product search.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Heightens user engagement by providing precise and reliable answers from the beginning.

Seamless Interaction: Ensures 24/7 smooth conversational experiences on a variety of channels.

Personalization: Allows customizing user journeys with innate integrations to numerous third-party platforms.

Cost Savings: Increases agent productivity while reducing overhead support costs.

Employee Support: Maintains regular engagement and offers support to employees.

Deeper Customer Insights: Assists marketing teams in gaining more comprehensive insights into customer preferences.

Use Cases

Customer Support: Improves customer service by introducing customized and automated interactions.

Employee Engagement: Resolves daily queries and facilitates employees with their tasks.

Marketing Insights: Garner more insightful comprehension about customer preferences to guide marketing strategies.

Inbenta's distinct 4-in-1 Conversational AI Platform presents a robust and intuitive solution for businesses aiming to heighten their customer experience and optimize customer support processes. Harnessing the power of Neuro-Symbolic AI, businesses can craft unparalleled conversational experiences that resonate with customers on a far more personal level, thereby stepping up engagement and enhancing overall satisfaction.

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